Sylc- Combining the treatments of desensitizing, cleaning and regeneration

 Combining the treatments of desensitizing, cleaning and regeneration, OSspray introduces Sylc, a technological breakthrough that improves preventive dental care and its delivery.

With Sylc, you can begin today to:
  • Desensitize immediately
  • Rebuild eroded tooth surfaces
  • Clean more effectively
  • Brighten up to 4 shades
  • Increase patient comfort
Sylc is calcium sodium phosphosilicate, a powerhouse of bioactive materials with decades of proven benefits. When combined with saliva or water, Sylc forms hydroxycarbonate apatite crystals (HCA) that become entrapped into the collagen of dentin and biologically bond into the mineral surface to promote regeneration of dentin and damaged tooth surfaces. Unlike traditional desensitizing varnishes or pastes, Sylc provides superior relief from painful hypersensitivity without unsightly discoloration or unpleasant taste or feel.


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