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Visalys CemCore, Kettenbach Dental

Two opposites make a whole
A single composite for cementation and core build-up

This has long been considered impossible, due to conflicting requirements. By
means of patented Active-Connect-Technology (ACT), however, dental specialists
Kettenbach Dental have succeeded in meeting the challenge without
compromising the material. The result is the Visalys® CemCore system, which
enables both adhesive cementation and core build-up to be achieved with just a
few components. Interlinking brands and the business.
Cementation composites need to be as hydrophilic as possible and highly fluid, whereas
core build-up requires a high degree of stability, and a material that swells as little as
possible. Kettenbach Dental has now developed a groundbreaking technology that
simply eliminates the conflicts: Active Connect Technology allows optimal mixing of the
somewhat hydrophobic cementation composite, Visalys® CemCore, with the hydrophilic
Visalys® Tooth Primer, on the damp surface of the tooth.
Despite its hydr…

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