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Server Stolen from Waco Dental Clinic

As DDS Rescue has explained in newsletters and with talking directly with our Doctors and potential Doctors, theft does happen and it can be costly. The Dental Office who had their server stolen was not a client of DDS Rescue- and this was preventable. The Breach happened on January 22, 2019 and effected 6,289 patients' information.
DDS Rescue would like to remind all our current customers to call us to get your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment so we can work with you on HIPAA Compliance - this HIPAA Compliance Program is included with your existing monthly service bill. Please call 800-998-9048 ext. 202.
To all potential customers of DDS Rescue who have had the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, if you are interested in DDS Rescue handling your HIPAA through our HIPAA Compliance Program please contact

Server Stolen from Waco Dental Clinic Stonehaven Dental, an operator of two dental practices in Waco and Harker Heights, TX, has announced that thieves bro…

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