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The effects of brief daily vibration on clear aligner orthodontic treatment

Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists Available online 3 November 2018

Abstract BackgroundTooth movement with clear aligners does not always follow the computer-generated treatment plan. The deficiency in tracking increases when the aligners are changed more frequently. Recently, it has been shown that high-frequency acceleration (vibration) increases the rate of tooth movement by targeting the periodontal ligament (PDL). Here we hypothesize that brief, daily application of vibration will increase the efficiency of clear aligner treatment by stimulating cytokines and bone remodeling factors in PDL without increasing pain or discomfort. Methods Sixty subjects were recruited and divided into five groups changing clear aligners at different time intervals with or without vibration application for 5 minutes per day. After four aligners, scanned intraoral images and the digital simulation software (ClinCheck) images were superimposed and the rate of anterior-posterior…

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