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A Review of the Literature A systematic review of orthodontic retention systems: The verdict

International Orthodontics Available online 9 July 2018 In Press, Corrected ProofWhat are Corrected Proof articles?
Summary Introduction Retention during both the active and passive phases of treatment has given rise to numerous publications concerning its efficacy, the range of systems available and its variability over time. There are currently many different retention protocols regularly used by orthodontists; however, their efficacy and duration are still subject to debate. There is as yet no consensus as to which retention protocol is the most effective or for how long the retention device needs to be worn. The aim of this research was to perform a systematic review of the scientific literature in order to evaluate the efficacy of the different retention systems and clinical protocols among those most widely used, so as to make recommendations beneficial to both patient and practitioner. Materials and methods A search of the literature was performed in the following da…

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