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New Grant by AAE Foundation Awarded to University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

A New UK Hygienist Web Site

“Red Flags Rule” Delayed until November 1, 2009

FDA Issues Final Regulation on Dental Amalgam

Chris Eubank hopes to cure lisp with £30,000 of dentistry

New treatment for receding gums works long-term

Feasibility of Osteoporosis Screening by Dual-Energy Radiographic Absorptiometry of the Phalanx

Align Technology Provides Update on Patent Litigation with Ormco Corporation

FDA Urges Consumers Not to Purchase or Use Certain Gel-Filled Teethers Products found to contain bacteria; voluntary na

Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch Announces he has Cancer of the Salivary gland

Trimira™ Offers Online Library of Oral Cancer Images

Surgical approach with Er:YAG laser on osteonecrosis of the jaws (ONJ) in patients under bisphosphonate therapy (BPT).

Henry Schein signs distribution deal with Dentatus

Diets bad for the teeth are also bad for the body

The Guru Subscription Plan

Customized mandibular orthotics in the prevention of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury in football players: a preliminary study

ADA Board proposes balanced budget, no dues hike for 2010

GSK Releases New Science on Denture Care and Maintenance

Another Unlicensed Dentist

Prodrive Systems

Consumer Reports on take home bleaching kits

Dental Advisor Research Report on the comparison of Lava C.O.S. Scans vs. Traditional Impressions

MTA pulpotomy of human permanent molars with irreversible pulpitis

GSK Educational Grant Helps Foster Education and Innovation in Caring for Edentulous Patients

“Benefits of Bisphosphonate Therapy vs Frequency of Oral Complications: An Educational Program for Dental Professionals”

Oral Helathcare Can't Wait

An FDA panel endorsed lowering the maximum listed dosage for medicines