Monday, November 30, 2015

Holy Sirona Party, Batman! Sirona Announces 2016 CMW SIROWORLD Party

Sirona Set to Host Superheroes of Dentistry Party at the House of Blues on Friday evening of the 2016 Chicago Dental Society Meeting
Charlotte, NC (Nov. 17, 2015) It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... Sirona hosting yet another epic event!
Sirona Dental, Inc., the leading manufacturer of innovative dental technology, is hosting a superherothemed party at the House of Blues on Feb. 26, 2016, in Chicago during the 2016 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. This party is a membership benefit of SIROWORLD, Sirona’s new eventbased community.
After saving the day, attendees are encouraged to emulate their favorite superheroes by dressing up in tights, capes and masks to celebrate into the night at Sirona’s Superheroes of Dentistry party.
“Sirona is known for throwing incredible parties and this party will be no different,” said Sirona Dental, Inc. President Michael Augins. “At the CEREC 30TH Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas, Sirona hosted the Party Like a Rock Star event in which attendees arrived in their best rock star attire to a club filled with 10 foot laser robots and acrobats swinging from the ceiling! At the Superheroes of Dentistry event we will have more surprises in store for our SIROWORLD community members as our Dental Superheroes party the night away at one of Chicago’s most famous venues, The House of Blues."
All SIROWORLD members are invited to join in on this epic night of superhero action. Membership into SIROWORLD includes access to parties like this; along with SIROWORLD’s educational events held at major U.S. trade shows like the Greater New York dental meeting and the CDA South meeting in Anaheim, California. The highlight of SIROWORLD membership is our Inaugural SIROWORLD Celebration in Orlando, Florida where entertainment and education collide at digital dentistry’s premiere event.
During these educational events, members can speak to leading experts in the field of digital dentistry and compare stories with fellow members about the technologies that have helped integrate his/her practice into the digital age.
A wise (spider)man once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” It’s in Sirona’s power to continue throwing legendary events, and it’s your responsibility to join us in the festivity!
Pricing for SIROWORLD is now available at $1,995 a year for a membership and $2,995 a year for VIP membership and include entrance into all of the celebration events planned at the trade shows and the annual event in Orlando. Total Office membership packages are currently available for $5,995, for a total savings of $4,000 off list price, and include SIROWORLD membership for up to six people.
For more information on SIROWORLD membership and events, please visit or call 844.422.3226.
About Sirona Dental, Inc.
Sirona, the dental technology leader, has served dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 130 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC®), digital intraoral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers, and handpieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products.

Friday, November 27, 2015

ClearCorrect Eliminates Three Align Technology Lawsuits

USPTO Rejects Patent Claims of Fourth and Final Lawsuit
ROUND ROCK, TX-- November 12, 2015 - ClearCorrect, LLC, a leading U.S. manufacturer of clear aligners, has been successful once again in litigation brought against the Company by Align Technology, Inc. The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit cleared the Company of any liability in the International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation relating to certain Align patents, ending the ITC action initiated by Align in 2012. This resolves the third unwarranted and unsuccessful lawsuit Align has brought against ClearCorrect since 2011.
The November 10th Appeals Court decision is the latest in a series of favorable decisions for ClearCorrect in both the ITC and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). “This decision solidifies the fact that the ITC is without jurisdiction to regulate electronic transmissions of data and all of the ITC’s rulings in the case are therefore null and void” said Michael D. Myers, ClearCorrect’s attorney in the case and a partner with the Houston, Texas law firm McClanahan Myers Espey, LLP.
"While the ITC has no authority or jurisdiction to judge the validity of these patents, the USPTO certainly does, and it has found substantial questions exist in all of the Align patents that it has reviewed thus far despite Align’s oral arguments and written responses to the contrary. The input of this expert agency reinforces the strength of ClearCorrect’s insistence that we do not infringe any valid patent rights. explains Scott A. McKeown, a partner with the Washington, DC law firm Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt who is leading ClearCorrect’s efforts at the USPTO.
Align’s final case against ClearCorrect is a patent infringement case in a Texas federal court that has been dormant since 2012 pending the resolution of the ITC actions. That remaining case, however, faces substantial hurdles in light of the ongoing cancellation proceedings of the USPTO, which have significantly progressed:
  •   6 of 9 patents asserted in the Texas suit are currently subject to USPTO cancellation
  •   The USPTO has agreed with ClearCorrect’s invalidity positions on over 75 claims across the first 6 patents
  •   The final 3 patents which ClearCorrect will be pursuing are largely overlapping in subject matter with the current
    Align originally filed two lawsuits against the company in 2011, followed a year later by two ITC actions. One of the 2011 lawsuits was settled last month when Align voluntarily dropped its claims in exchange for ClearCorrect’s dismissal of its counterclaims. Align also settled the remaining ITC action through an agreement with ClearCorrect that was contingent on the appeal decision. With the appeal ruling in its favor this week, ClearCorrect has effectively resolved three of Align’s four litigations and expects to successfully resolve the final case.
    About ClearCorrect, LLC
    ClearCorrect works with more than 15,000 doctors, making it a leading manufacturer of clear aligners. The company manufactures its aligners out of its facility in Round Rock, Texas. ClearCorrect offers a more affordable and doctor- friendly approach, including a phase-based system to enhance flexibility and control for doctors. For more information, visit or call (888) 331-3323.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

YouTube as a patient-information source for root canal treatment




To assess the content and completeness of Youtube as an information source for patients undergoing root canal treatment procedures.


YouTube ( was searched for information using three relevant treatment search-terms (‘endodontics’, ‘root canal’, ‘root canal treatment’). After exclusions (language, no audio, >15mins, duplicates), 20 videos per search-term were selected. General video assessment included duration, ownership, views, age, likes/dislikes, target-audience and video/audio quality, while content was analyzed under 6 categories (‘aetiology’, ‘anatomy’, ‘symptoms’, ‘procedure’, ‘postoperative course’, ‘prognosis’). Content was scored for completeness-level and statistically analyzed using ANOVA and post hoc Tukey's test (p<0 .05="" p="">


To obtain 60 acceptable videos, 124 were assessed. Depending on the search-term employed the video content and ownership differed markedly. There was wide variation in both the number of video views and ‘likes/dislikes’. The average video age was 788 days. In total 46% of videos were ‘posted’ by a dentist/specialist source; however, this was search-term specific rising to 70% of uploads for the search ‘endodontic’, while laypersons contributed 18% of uploads for the search ‘root canal treatment’. Every video lacked content in the designated 6 categories, although ‘procedure’ details were covered more frequently and in better detail than other categories. Videos posted by dental professional (p=0.046) and commercial sources (p=0.009) were significantly more complete than videos posted by laypeople.


YouTube videos for endodontic search-terms varied significantly by source and content and were generally incomplete. The danger of patient reliance on YouTube is highlighted, as is the need for endodontic professionals to play an active role in directing patients towards alternative high-quality information sources.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sale on AMD Picasso Lasers

AMD LASERS Winter Sale
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sirona Announces Upcoming SIROWORLD Events

Celebrations are Planned at Several Dental Shows Leading up to the Annual Celebration Event Scheduled in Orlando in August 2016
Charlotte, NC (Nov. 10, 2015) Sirona Dental, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry, today announced several upcoming SIROWORLD Celebration events scheduled in conjunction with major dental trade shows leading up to the annual SIROWORLD Celebration event taking place Aug. 1113, 2016 in Orlando.
SIROWORLD is the event we always dreamed of creating for the dental community,” said Sirona President and Executive Vice President Michael Augins. “SIROWORLD is an allencompassing, epicscale educational experience that could not be contained to only celebrating in August 2016; therefore, we are celebrating SIROWORLD throughout the year at various industry trade shows.”
SIROWORLD festivities currently planned in conjunction with major dental trade shows include:
  • 􏰀  The kickoff celebration, taking place during the Greater New York Dental Meeting on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015 at The Times Center located in the heart of New York’s vibrant Times Square District. Attendees will be treated to an evening of dental education, networking opportunities, delicious food and drinks and special guest speaker Daymond John, an awardwinning business executive and star of the ABC network’s show “Shark Tank.” Additionally, Dr. Mike DiTolla will present the latest technology advancements in dentistry, and Fred Joyal of 1800DENTIST will share how dentists can take their current social media strategy, tactics and implementation to the next level of customer engagement, profitability and ROI.
  • 􏰀  At the Chicago Dental Society meeting, Sirona is hosting a SIROWORLD Superheroes of Dentistry party on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 at the House of Blues. Attendees are encouraged to dress in their best super hero costume.
  • 􏰀  A special SIROWORLD event is also planned during the California Dental Association South meeting scheduled in May 2016. More details, including location, special celebrity speaker, date and time, will be announced at the SIROWORLD kickoff celebration in New York City on Nov. 29th.
    SIROWORLD is a membershipbased community in which likeminded visionaries gather to create the largest network of technologydriven dental professionals. The perks that coincide with a membership are undeniably beneficial. Membership includes access to the annual SIROWORLD event featuring three days of worldclass educational sessions, abundant networking opportunities, unsurpassed entertainment and special celebrity appearances. Additionally, SIROWORLD members may attend exclusive educational events at major US trade shows,

get optional VIP access/reserved seating and join special SIROWORLD trips (e.g. IDS visit or Sirona Bensheim visit), all while learning from and connecting with the greatest minds in digital dentistry and being among the first to learn about new software and updated technologies from Sirona.
“We are excited to launch these SIROWORLD events and continue our longstanding tradition of delivering worldclass education and outstanding entertainment to the dental community,” said Augins. “Having several events throughout the year leading up to the annual SIROWORLD event in Orlando planned for August 2016 will showcase the best of SIROWORLD on a national stage. Certainly, all participating dental professionals will be enriched as a result attending these celebrations.”
Pricing for SIROWORLD is now available at $1,995 a year for a membership and $2,995 a year for VIP membership and includes entrance into all of the celebration events planned at the trade shows and the annual event in Orlando. Total Office membership packages are currently available for $5,995, for a total savings of $4,000 off list price, and include SIROWORLD membership for up to six people. For further details on SIROWORLD membership and information, please visit or contact your Patterson representative.
About Sirona Dental, Inc.
Sirona, the dental technology leader, has served dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 130 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC®), digital intraoral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers, and handpieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Anti-Caries Effect of Arginine-Containing Formulations in vivo: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table of Contents
Vol. 49, No. 6, 2015
Issue release date: Published online first (Issue-in-Progress)



Objective: To assess the anti-caries effect of arginine-containing formulations in vivo on caries lesions compared with fluorides or placebo. Methods: Randomized or quasi-randomized human clinical trials wherein arginine was delivered by any method were considered. The MEDLINE, Web of Science, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, and CBM databases were searched to identify relevant articles published up to December 2014. Grey literature was also searched. Two authors performed data extraction independently and in duplicate using data collection forms. Each included study was assessed using the Cochrane risk of bias assessment tool. Results: Of the 470 studies screened, 31 full articles were scrutinized and assessed for eligibility. Ten studies (n = 15,546 participants) were selected for final inclusion. The meta-analysis results (n = 7 studies) demonstrated a synergistic effect of arginine when used in conjunction with fluoride on early coronal and root caries compared with placebo or fluoride alone. No specific side effects related to arginine usage were identified. Conclusions: When used in combination with a calcium compound and fluoride, arginine potentially provides a superior anti-caries effect compared with matched formulations of fluoride alone. However, the level of evidence was downgraded because of risks of bias and potential publication bias. In the future, more high quality, non-industry-supported clinical studies in this research area are required before any definitive recommendations can be made.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comparative evaluation of sealing ability and microstructure of MTA and Biodentine after exposure to different environments

Clinical Oral Investigations
pp 1-6
First online:




The aim of this study was to evaluate the sealing ability and morphological microstructure of Biodentine in comparison to ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) after storage in an acidic environment.

Materials and methods

Biodentine and ProRoot MTA were prepared and packed into the canal lumen of dentin disks. Twenty specimens of each material were further randomly divided into two groups according to the storage media: group A: materials with saline as storage medium; group B: materials with citric acid buffered at pH 5.4 as storage medium. The sealing ability was evaluated at 1, 3, 6, and 24 h and 1 or 3 months, using a fluid transport model for quantitative analysis of endodontic microleakage. The morphological microstructures of the materials were also evaluated using scanning electron microscopy.


During the first 24 h, MTA showed greater fluid transport values than Biodentine in both environments. At the 3-month measurement, when the materials were stored in saline, MTA showed greater ability to prevent fluid movement than Biodentine (p < 0.0001). However, when the materials were stored in an acidic environment, no statistical significant difference was found after 3 months. After storage in saline, both materials showed an uneven crystalline surface with similar hexagonal crystals. The microstructure of Biodentine changed after exposure to citric acid, showing a relatively smooth surface with more spheroidal crystals.


The exposure to an acidic environment, within the limits of this study, seems to result in morphological changes of Biodentine in a different manner than MTA. MTA shows good ability to prevent fluid movement over time, in both environments. The ability of Biodentine to prevent fluid movement over time was enhanced in the acidic environment.

Clinical relevance

The findings of the present study could imply that both materials are indicated for use in an acidic environment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OSAP Boot Camp Early Bird Ends Soon

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), the advocate for The Safest Dental Visit™, is offering an early-bird discount on registrations for their 2016 Dental Infection Control Boot Camp™ in Atlanta, Georgia, January 11-13, 2016. The “basic training” will cover all of the core infection prevention fundamentals for dental practitioners, and offer up to 24 continuing education (CE) hours. The $75 discount is good only through December 7, so participants are encouraged to register now. For more information or to register, go to Space is limited.

The OSAP Boot Camp features national and international experts in infection prevention and safety, presenting a fast-paced, comprehensive curriculum. The course starts at 8 am on Monday, January 11, and concludes at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, January 13. Federal services attendees will have breakout sessions on Thursday, January 14 and will earn additional hours of CE credit. All attendees will receive a resource binder, checklists, tools, and much more.

Boot Camp participants will learn about:
·         disease transmission and principles of infection prevention and control in a variety of oral healthcare settings
·         infection control laws, regulations, guidelines and best practices
·         principles of quality assurance in infection control

Anyone involved with infection control in dentistry would benefit from this course.  Boot Camp is targeted to dental personnel who desire a strong foundation in infection control, infection control coordinators, educators, and compliance officers, federal service employees with infection control responsibilities, federally qualified health center personnel, consultants, and sales representatives.

Early-bird registration for the 2016 Boot Camp is $400 for OSAP members and $575 for non-members ($475 and $650 after December 7). There is a discount for additional attendees from the same facility. A limited number of discounted hotel rooms are available at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North, where the course will be held. Complete information on the Boot Camp is available on the OSAP website:

Companies are invited to showcase innovative products and services related to dental infection control and patient safety at the vendor fair on Wednesday, January 13. Exhibition space is still available and OSAP Corporate members are eligible to receive a discounted rate. For more information about exhibiting, go to:

Celebrating over 30 years of service to the worldwide dental community, OSAP is a growing community of clinicians, educators, students, policy-makers, and industry representatives who advocate for safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare. OSAP focuses on strategies to improve compliance with safe practices and on building a strong network of recognized infection control experts. OSAP offers an extensive online collection of resources, publications, FAQs, checklists and toolkits to help dental professionals ensure that every visit is The Safest Dental Visit™ for patients and the dental team. For more information, call 800-298-OSAP (6727) or 410-571-0003 or visit

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Application of a tooth-surface coating material containing pre-reacted glass-ionomer fillers for caries prevention




Several methods have been used to prevent dental caries, including fluoride application to strengthen teeth and promote remineralization and the use of sealants to fill pits and fissures in pediatric dentistry. However, none of these methods alone can be considered a perfect preventive treatment. For caries prevention, we evaluated pre-reacted glass-ionomer (PRG) Barrier Coat (Shofu Inc., Kyoto, Japan), a tooth-surface coating material developed using PRG technology that contains high levels of controlled-release fluoride.


The tooth-surface coating material was applied clinically as a new method of preventing dental caries. Its effect on plaque adhesion, along with its preventive effect on dental caries was investigated in actual cases treated in a pediatric dentistry department of a university hospital.


PRG Barrier Coat was shown to have suitable adhesive strength and to be a safe material that does not fracture the adherend. Actual ion release and acid buffering were confirmed, and when clinically applied, continuous fluoride release and recharge occurred, as did the release of the other ions. This suggests that this material promoted dentin remineralization, suppressed plaque adherence, and had a preventive effect on dental caries.


This material promoted enamel remineralization, suppressed plaque adherence, and had a preventive effect on dental caries. These results suggest that this coating material is appropriate for young children at high risk of dental caries.


A seamless platform for dentists and patients to discover each other and engage with one another in a mutually rewarding way.

Newport Beach, CA – November 10, 2015 – If you haven’t heard about teledentistry, then you are missing out on one of the most exciting advances in dentistry in regards to patient care, retention, and practice management in many years. Telemedicine has been around for years, but Denteractive has taken teledentistry to a whole new level with a sophisticated program that has been skyrocketing in both patient and doctor use since its recent release.

Launched in July 2015, it is rapidly expanding with both doctors and patients availing themselves to the many benefits of the program.


Founder/CEO of Denteractive is Dr. Reza Izadi who is an Endodontist in private practice at Izadi & Szeto Endodontics in Whittier, CA and Lake Forest, CA since 2003. His passion and commitment to the dental field is the driving force behind Denteractive, a digital platform that allows dentists to consult and better communicate with patients, via their smartphone/tablet or laptop/desktop to improve patient care.


    Denteractive is the leader in HIPAA compliant software for teledentistry, that allows dentists to video conference, instant message, provide education and preliminary consultation to interested patients, and manage appointments with existing and new patients, all within a secure and comfortable atmosphere. You no longer have to worry about whether or not your communication is secure. It is.
    Patients can easily request their appointments online, share files, send and receive secure instant messaging, and video conference with the dentist of their choice. They can also contact a dentist in the event of an emergency and receive immediate help. All of this with the ease of tapping a few buttons inside the mobile App or on the web! Immediate connections make collaboration with a professional dentists even more effective than making a phone call. Patient care is taken to a new level.

- Patients are also able to safely store  dental related files; track their dental visits and treatments based on date, procedure, insurance and dental provider; and schedule video conference appointments with the online calendar feature. 

    Dentists can be secure in the knowledge that Denteractive is compliant on all HIPAA regulations and the privacy of the patient is completely protected. They can easily and safely provide the necessary platform to better   follow up with, educate, consult and initiate preliminary diagnosis in the privacy and comfort of the patient's home or office. Denteractive personalizes dentistry for practices' existing patients while easily increasing their new patient base.

    Focused on only the dental field, Denteractive is committed to improving the field of dentistry for both the patient and the doctor. Patient demands has been high enough that many insurers, including Medicare, are now paying covering the visit for patient video conferencing. California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that requires Medicaid to pay for certain types of teledentistry services.
    Patients use the FREE program to connect with or invite their existing dentists, or, to find new dentists based on location, procedures, insurance accepted. They now can see and choose a Denteractive dentist by scheduling a time for an introductory video conference, or through live interactive messaging. Doctors no longer miss out on patients that are looking for a dentist. They are easily navigated to the practice from their mobile app.

Here’s what some patients and dentists had to say about Denteractive:

Mojgan Miyanji“I love this page ..because I can search and see my dentist first and talk about the price also.”

Parisa Kermanshahi DMD- As a dentist, I know the importance of regular dental checkups. I know that children should be seen as early as one year of age to spot possible problems early. I also know how hard it is for people to schedule dental appointments or to even find a dentist. That’s why I love Denteractive. With Denteractive you can find a dentist, schedule appointment, and learn more about dental health from their website and their convenient app.

With their FREE software, dental consumers will have immediate access to:

    HIPAA compliant and secure instant and text messaging.
    HIPAA secure and compliant ability to video conference.
    HIPAA secure and compliant sharing of files.
    Ability to more effectively request appointments and manage scheduled visits.
    Easily track your visits and dental care

Joining the thousands of other dentists using Teledentistry, educating patients and treating more cases has never been easier. With Denteractive, you are able to:

    Increase your practice exposure and enhance you  personable brand name as a dentist.
    Increase your production by reinforcing dental care education and treatment options for your existing patients. 
    Having more access to patients in rural areas or who are afraid to come in.
    Quicker transmission of all documents and records.
    Greater patient retention and internal marketing because you have the tools to care more for your patients.
    A more efficient and smoother running office, front and back.
    Easier tracking of patients and their treatment.
    Flexible hours.
    Increased preventive care of patients.
    Easily fill holes in your schedule with more consultations with patients, which improves the overall bottom line of practice.

It’s easy to sign-up and get started. Click the link below and see how Denteractive can help you improve the quality of your practice, your patients health and your own success.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Locators versus magnetic attachment effect on peri-implant tissue health of immediate loaded two implants retaining a mandibular overdenture: a 1-year randomised trial

Elsyad, M. A., Mahanna, F. F., Elshahat, M. A. and Elshoukouki, A. H. (2015), Locators versus magnetic attachment effect on peri-implant tissue health of immediate loaded two implants retaining a mandibular overdenture: a 1-year randomised trial. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. doi: 10.1111/joor.12368


This study aimed to evaluate peri-implant tissue health of immediate loaded two implants retaining a mandibular overdenture with either magnetic or locator attachment. Thirty two completely edentulous patients (20 males/12 females) were randomly assigned into two groups. Each patient received two implants in the canine area of the mandible using flapless surgical technique. Mandibular overdentures were immediately connected to the implants with either magnetic (group I, GI) or locator (group II, GII) attachments. Peri-implant tissue health was evaluated clinically in terms of plaque scores (PI), bleeding scores (BI), probing depth (PD), implant stability (ISQ) and interleukin-1-β (IL-1b) concentrations in peri-implant sulcular fluid. PI, BI and PD were measured at mesial, distal, buccal and lingual surfaces of each implant. Radiographic evaluation was performed in terms of vertical (VBL) and horizontal (HBLO) alveolar bone loss. Evaluations were performed 2 weeks (T0), 6 months (T1) and 12 months (T2) after overdenture insertion. Plague scores, PD, IL-1b, VBL and HBLO increased significantly with time. ISQ decreased significantly with time. BI showed no significant differences between observation times. GI recorded significant higher PI, ISQ and IL-1b at T2 compared to GII. GII recorded significant higher VBL than GI at T2 only. For HBLO, no significant differences between groups were noted. VBL and HBLO showed a significant positive correlation with PD. Locator attachments for immediate loaded implants retaining mandibular overdentures are associated with decreased plaque accumulation, decreased implant stability, decreased interleukin-1β concentration in peri-implant crevicular fluid and increased per-implant vertical bone loss compared to magnetic attachments after 1 year.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Carestream Dental’s New CS 8100SC Panoramic and Cephalometric Unit Expands CS 8100 Family

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The CS 8100 Family of imaging systems welcomes its newest member—the CS 8100SC panoramic and cephalometric imaging system. The unit allows general practitioners to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments right in the office with both panoramic and cephalometric imaging capabilities. 
“General practitioners are already familiar with the award-winning CS 8100, and the CS 8100 3D joined the family in 2014,” Edward Shellard, D.M.D., vice president, global sales and marketing, Carestream Dental, said. “However, we wanted to expand doctors’ diagnostic capabilities even further with a full range of both panoramic and cephalometric image formats.”
Best of all, general practitioners can benefit from both panoramic and cephalometric imaging without sacrificing space. The system is based on the internationally-recognized design concept of the CS 8100; with a width of just 72.5 in., it’s one of the most compact cephalometric units in its category.
The CS 8100SC includes two sensors as a standard: one for panoramic and one for cephalometric imaging. Due to this design, there is no need to change the sensor between examinations, reducing manipulation and preventing the risk of damage to the unit. Panoramic programs include both adult and pediatric images, segmented panoramic, TMJ, maxillary sinus and the new segmented bitewing. For cephalometric examinations, clinicians have the option to choose from a variety of views; up to three cephalometric image sizes can be selected—26 x 24 cm, 18 x 24 cm and 18 x 18 cm.
What makes the CS 8100SC unique is that practitioners who already own a CS 8100 can upgrade to the CS 8100SC, increasing the services their practices can offer. The system can complete a cephalometric scan in as little as three seconds*, making it the fastest scanning cephalometric unit available. Doctors can perform safer exams thanks to short exposure times that reduce patient dose, while also decreasing the risk of motion blur for sharper images. To save time and make case planning even easier, exclusive Carestream Dental imaging software recognizes anatomical structures and traces them automatically. Not only that, the unit can go from scanning to tracing within 90 seconds**, as opposed to the five to 10 minutes it can usually take with standard orthodontic software.
Additionally, the CS 8100SC features the new CS Adapt module, which allows doctors to customize an image’s look and feel to suit their personal preferences. For example, image contrast and sharpness can be enhanced using artifact-free filters with just one click, while three orthodontic pre-set filters optimize the visualization of hard and soft tissues.
The CS 8100 Family includes the CS 8100 panoramic system, which delivers highly detailed and optimally contrasted images in the most compact, 3D upgradeable unit on the market. Since its launch, the system has been recognized with several awards, including both the 2015 and 2014 Top Panoramic Imaging System from The Dental Advisor Magazine; the 2013 Editor’s Choice Award and Excellence 5+ from The Dental Advisor; the 2013 Bronze International Medical Design Excellence Award; and the U.S. DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Award for Best New Diagnostic/Imaging Device, to name just a few. The CS 8100 3D extraoral imaging system combines 3D technology with dedicated panoramic images and 3D model scanning in one affordable and easy to use unit
Carestream Dental is exhibiting the CS 8100SC in booth #2141 at the ADA 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., at the Washington Convention Center. For more information about the CS 8100SC, or any of Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions, call 800.944.6365 or visit
* For 18 x 24cm image in fast scan mode
** For 18 x 24cm image

About Carestream Dental
Carestream Dental provides industry-leading imaging, CAD/CAM, software and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental products are used by seven out of 10 practitioners globally and deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information or to contact a Carestream Dental representative, call 800.944.6365 or visit

About Carestream Health
Carestream is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing and advanced materials for the precision films and electronics markets. For more information about the company’s broad portfolio of products, solutions and services, please contact your Carestream representative, call 888.777.2072 or visit

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Oravital Inc. Showcasing its Advanced Periodontal Infection Diagnosis and Treatment System During its GNYDM Debut


Toronto, CA – November 9, 2015 – Oravital Inc., which recently launched the Oravital® periodontal and breath odor diagnosis and treatment system into the U.S. professional dental market, will be making its debut at the Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center at booth # 3838 from November 29th through December 2nd.

According to company president and CEO Dr. Jim Hyland, “We are very excited about our debut at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. We’ve learned from our experience in Canada, that speaking to dentists and hygienists in person is very important for creating brand awareness. We have also learned that dental professionals are looking for a system to predictably control gingival bleeding and breath odors.”

Throughout the meeting, Oravital® will be offering a show special of $995 ($1,295 value) for its oral infection diagnosis, treatment and coaching system Platinum Package.  In addition, Dr. Hyland, DDS BSc, and his clinical management team consisting of Chief Science Officer Anne Bosy, RRDH, MEd, MSc, and Clinical Hygiene Educator Kerry Lepiciek, RDH, will be on hand to explain the efficacy and application of the proprietary Oravital® System, which is indicated for the treatment of both periodontal disease and halitosis, and consists of the following five steps:

1.    Diagnosis employing, in addition to periodontal charting, the use of a Papillary Bleeding Score and oral microbial reports using Gram stain or DNA analysis.
2.    Treatment using a prescribed Oravital® antibiotic and/or antimicrobial rinse specifically targeted to eliminate particular biofilm pathogens causing the oral infection.
3.    Evaluation following initial treatment to document changes and plan additional therapy if needed.
4.    Maintenance encouraging regular dental hygiene appointments and good oral home care consisting of regular brushing and cleaning between their teeth, and using an Oravital® maintenance rinse on a daily basis.

5.    Monitoring health by determining through Oravital® microbial testing at least once a year and through periodontal diagnostic testing as to whether the oral biofilm is still in balance.

“Undiagnosed and untreated oral infections are a North American epidemic and include gum disease and halitosis,” explains Hyland. “We also know that gum disease is a contributing factor to many systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, because the infection spreads via bacteremia. The Oravital® system can have a very positive impact on the overall health of the patient.”

For more information on the Oravital® system and how your dental practice can become a certified Oravital® Clinic, visit or call 1-800-909-6468.

About Oravital Inc.

Oravital Inc. was established in the fall of 2007 in Toronto, Canada. The company licenses proprietary technology called the Oravital® System to certified dental clinics throughout North America for the most advanced, effective and painless diagnosis and treatment of oral infections available today.
Previously, oral infections causing periodontal disease and bad breath had been difficult to diagnose and treat successfully.  With recent studies linking oral infections with systemic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, periodontal disease is now considered a medical condition dental professionals should treat. Given that 75% of the population continues to have signs of periodontal disease, in spite of our best efforts, diagnosis and predictable treatment of this infection has become extremely important.   
Biofilm testing and the use of antibiotic rinses dramatically halt the progress of periodontal disease and breath odor.  Bleeding is reduced by 87%, and pocket depths shrink by 76 to 84% within a few weeks. Oravital® proprietary rinses treat the entire oral complex and are non-systemic.  If one kills the bacteria causing the problem, patients heal quickly.  The Oravital® system is the only system to predictably treat the oral systemic link.
The Oravital® System is highly effective in eliminating mild to moderate gum disease as well as bad breath. The Oravital® System is based on identifying the cause of oral infection through inexpensive microbial analysis and repeatable objective tests for bleeding gums. Treatment includes a customized antibiotic rinse used for a two-week period, followed by two weeks of antimicrobial rinses.  This treatment regimen is accompanied by unique gum cleaning techniques for the patient to follow.
The science of Oravital® evolved from 15 years of ground-breaking research and successful clinical treatment by Anne Bosy, RRDH, MEd, MSc, co-founder of Toronto's Fresh Breath Clinic. Dr. Walter Loesche, who was a respected authority on periodontal disease treatment at the University of Michigan, validated the effectiveness of the antibiotic therapy developed by Anne Bosy.  

Oravital Inc. also provides a comprehensive, dynamic and scientifically-grounded training program to its clinics. Oravital® certified dental professionals are authorized experts in providing Oravital® diagnostic analysis, individualized treatment, and dedicated long-term support. For more information, visit or call 1-800-909-6468.
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