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Happy 2008

NADL To Be Featured In Public Television Documentary Educating Viewers About The Origin And Materials Used In Dental Restorations, USA

Brain Abscess Secondary to Dental Braces.

American Dental Partners Transfer Assets In Settlement

In Kentucky’s Teeth, Poverty and Neglect Take Toll

Al Dente: How to become a dentist

Dental Stocks Look For More Bite

Sampling Water from Chemically Cleaned Dental Units with Detachable Power Scalers

Guardian One of the First Major Dental Insurers to Cover Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Name Change For Clinical Research Associates (CRA)

New Video Network Targets Dental Waiting Rooms

Dentalcast- Sleep Apnea


Interplak Video Unboxing

Jury awards $130 million to Twin Cities dentists

Search Engine Rankings

Burns From Electric handpieces

gumEase- Drug Free Anesthesia

Proper Care Needed For Safety Of Mouthguards

Cavities - Nature Or Nurture? $1 Million Grant To Pitt Dental School To Study Causes

Visible Body

Survey Confirms Americans Prefer Root Canal Treatment By Endodontists

Clean Machine-A Small Business IT Solution

Solar Powered Toothbrush

The New Oral B Triumph

Treating Your Periodontal Pockets May Benefit Your Pocketbook

The American Dental Education Association And Colgate-Palmolive Announce Partnership To Create A Dental Plaque Biofilm Curriculum

New CT Scanner

Fosamax Users Seek Class-Action Status

Kavo GENTLEray 980 Diode Laser Gets FDA Clearance