Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Ultimate Dental Manufacturer brings you the The Ultimate Driving Experience


The Ultimate Dental Manufacturer
brings you the The Ultimate Driving Experience
Dear Doctor,
Learn about new trends and technologies in dentistry and combine it with the joy of BMW’s ultimate
driving experience. At the BMW Performance Driving school you will have the chance to drive the 3,5, 6, 7 series, M and X series both on race track and off track layouts – receive training and pointers from BMW’s professional driving instructors. Timed events, elimination races, etc.
DATE:     Friday June 12th, 2015
LOCATION: BMW Performance Driving Center - Thermal Speedway
BREAKFAST:   8:45 am –   8:30 pm
LECTURE:   8:30 am – 10:30 am
DRIVING SCHOOL: 10:30 am –   4:30 pm
SPEAKER: Gregor Connell, VOCO's Director of Clinical Education with more than 25 years of dental experience 
TOPIC: “Universal Adhesives – Do they Exist?!”
COST: $650 includes 2 CE Lecture, BMW Performance Driving Experiencel, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks, BMW gift bag
Russ Perlman, 704 909 8802

Almost all of the last 12 events were sold out. See what your peers said:
I just wanted you to know that was the most AWESOME experience ever.  It was an empowering once in a lifetime challenge.  I loved it.  Thanks for sponsoring it, Carol
Thanks again for the course. It was one of the most entertaining and informative courses I have attended in a long time!! Jerry 
Thanks again for the fantastic CE/Driving experience this past Friday!  It was a blast!  Will definitely consider using more VOCO products as well., Tim
Really enjoyed the BMW experience. Thanks again, what a blast, Robert

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Aurum Ceramic Launches “Ultra Conservative Minimal Prep Veneers” – A 4-Part Webinar Series

Spokane, WA – April 28, 2015 – Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories is pleased to announce the launch of our latest Webinar Series: “Ultra Conservative Minimal Prep Veneers” This new 4-part set of Webinars covers everything you need to know to start and finish your first minimal-prep case. And, it’s packed with invaluable tips for those already placing minimal prep veneers per routine in their practices.
Tracing an actual case from smile evaluation to cementation with a live patient, these webinars have been designed to deliver a true “over the shoulder” experience for the practitioner. The series covers:
  •   "Getting Ready for Success with Minimal-Prep Veneers" - Easy to apply pre-planning systems for clinical assessment and smile evaluation that naturally lead to superior esthetics.
  •   "The Aesthetic Consultation and Wax-up Appointment" - Working with the patient for the optimal end result!
  •   "The "Pre-Approved Smile" Preparation Technique" - Proven and predictable preparation/temporization guidelines and laboratory-fabricated tools based on the patient’s pre-approved smile.
  •   "Placing and Finishing Minimal-Prep Veneers" – Placement and cementation tips for an outstanding, quick and efficient final result.
    Featuring well-known lecturer and clinician Dr. Daniele Larose, this series is available On Demand at $349.00 for the entire Four Webinar series or at $99.00 per Webinar for each of the four titles. Both options include an on-going email Q&A component with Dr. Larose.
    Contact the Aurum Ceramic Continuing Education Department at 1-800-363-3989 (or email us at for more information.

    About Aurum Ceramic Dental Laboratories
    Aurum Ceramic ( specializes in Comprehensive Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry. As a leader in state-of-the-art dentistry, we are committed to setting the platinum standard in laboratory services and outstanding results. Aurum Ceramic has always been committed to supporting dentistry with not only the most technologically advanced restorative materials and techniques available but also in terms of research, education and program assistance.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Latino Children’s Oral Health Opinion Research & Model Program” at National Oral Health Conference in Kansas City

Latina Creative Agency, Washington Dental Service Foundation and Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic will Present “Latino Children’s Oral Health Opinion Research & Model Program” at National Oral Health Conference in Kansas City 

Kirkland, WA/April 22, 2015 - Recent large national survey conducted by the CDC revealed that 26 percent of Hispanic 6- to 9-year olds suffered from untreated tooth decay, compared with 14 percent of non-Hispanic white children of the same age, and revealed major gap in access to oral health care for Latino Children. Washington Dental Service Foundation engaged a northwest multicultural marketing firm and a research company to further understand how this affects Washington State Latino communities. Latina Creative Agency and Washington Dental Service Foundation will present findings and best practices at the 2015 National Oral Health Conference, the premiere meeting for dental public health, which takes place April 20-27, 2015 in Kansas City, MO. 

In 2014, Washington Dental Service Foundation, DHM Research and Latina Creative Agency designed and conducted English and Spanish-language focus groups around the Seattle-area and in Eastern Washington. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding oral health among low- to moderate-income Latina mothers and teenagers. The main issues discovered include low dental utilization, social barriers, language, affordability of insurance, fear of deportation as well as fear of public assistance affecting residency. 

Latina Creative Agency Co-Founder and Principal, Cynarah Ellawala will join Senior Program Manager at Washington Dental Service Foundation, Laura Flores Cantrell JD, and Adam Thompson DDS from Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic on a panel discussion entitled “Latino Children’s Oral Health Opinion Research & Model Program.” The panel will highlight the best practices for Latino opinion research and focus group design based on recent focus groups conducted by Latina Creative Agency on behalf of Washington Dental Service Foundation. Cynarah Ellawala will discuss:

• Strategies to respectfully engage with the Latino community
• Recruiting strategies that build trust within the Latino communities 
• Elements of an interview guide
• Bilingual moderator techniques
• Research design considerations

Ellawala is a northwest multicultural marketing expert and was selected based on her experience soliciting input from the Latino community. She also has experience working on multicultural and diversity campaigns/projects for the University of Washington, The Clorox Company, and Microsoft.  

“As a multicultural marketing company we aim to help our clients understand this segment's needs, support research and design campaigns that respectfully communicates with this segment. With a growing number of Latinos both nationally and in Washington state there is an urgent need for organizations to understand how to effectively engage with this community. I am looking forward to presenting best practices for recruiting and moderating focus groups in Spanish that elicit meaningful input,” shares Cynarah Ellawala.

The National Oral Health Conference features a variety of educational sessions that will focus on issues and topics relevant to research, policy, programs and community-based care. The conference is targeted towards health professionals including dentists, dental hygienists, researchers, dental/health educators, students and public health officials to name a few. The conference has an expected participation of over 800 attendees and 30 exhibitors over the 5+ days of programming. 

2015 National Oral Health Conference
Latino Children’s Oral Health Opinion Research & Model Program
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
2:00 – 3:00 pm 
Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center
2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Taub Products Zero-G Bio Implant Cement Available in Single-Syringe Package

Jersey City, NJ: April 27, 2015, - TAUB Products, a long-time manufacturer of dental consumable products, is now making their ZERO-G dual-cure implant cement available in a single-syringe package. The single-syringe product will be introduced this week in the TAUB Products booth, #1287, at the CDA meeting in Anaheim.
The cement is recommended for intermediate to long-term cementation of implant-retained restorations and for traditional crown and bridge restorations. It can be cured with light in as little as twenty seconds, which allows for complete margin curing.
ZERO-G provides excellent radio-opacity for good visualization after cementation. This helps facilitate a simple and easy clean-up, and allows diagnostic examination upon follow-up. The new implant cement is retentive, which allows easy removal of the restoration and excess cement. Its unique color provides great contrast to gingival tissue, enhancing easy visualization.

TAUB Products provides innovative, high quality solutions for dental professionals. For more information on TAUB and its products, call 800-828-2634, or go to


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Carestream Dental Equipment Installed in OHSU School of Dentistry’s New Home

ATLANTA — When students in Oregon Health & Science University’s School of Dentistry started the 2014-2015 school year in the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building and Skourtes Tower, they found brand new Carestream Dental equipment installed throughout the facility. Carestream Dental donated a CS 9300C system to the OHSU School of Dentistry, and the school purchased additional Carestream Dental equipment, including RVG 6100 sensors, two CS 9000C extraoral imaging systems and a CS 9000 extraoral imaging system.
“We are grateful for this generous equipment donation, and we will certainly make good use of the donated Carestream Dental cone beam system to further our educational and patient care missions,” Phillip T. Marucha, D.M.D, Ph.D., dean of the OHSU School of Dentistry, said.
Whether students are studying general dentistry, implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthognathics or orthodontics, the medium- to large-field 3-D imaging and seven selectable fields of view offered by the donated CS 9300C system supports a wide variety of clinical applications for students. The system offers 2-D digital panoramic imaging, one-shot cephalometric imaging, and 3-D imaging technology at a dose up to 85% lower than panoramic imaging*.
The purchased RVG 6100 sensors offer high-image resolution so students are better able to make accurate diagnoses. The sensors are designed to streamline workflow with easy image capture, analysis and sharing.
The CS 9000 and CS 9000C imaging systems capture top-quality panoramic X-ray images quickly and easily and feature low-dose radiation exposure to ensure patient safety. The CS 9000C also includes a cephalometric arm. The high-image resolution delivered by this equipment is designed to improve students’ pretreatment assessments and operative success.
“Our goal is always to provide equipment that will advance the education of students while preparing them for a career beyond university,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief commercial officer, Carestream Dental, said. “Each piece of equipment plays a role in shaping the next generation of young dentists.”
For more information about Carestream Dental and its innovative products, please call 1.800.944.6365 or visit
*Based on studies conducted by John B. Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry: Dosimetry of CS 8100 CBCT Unit and CS 9300 Low-Dose Protocol, August 2014; Dosimetry of the Carestream CS 9300 CBCT unit, June 2011. 85% reduction (3µSv) found in 5x5 cm adult exams; exact dose reduction varies based on field of view and ranges from 0% to 85%.
About Carestream Dental
Carestream Dental provides industry-leading imaging, CAD/CAM, software and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental products are used by seven out of 10 practitioners globally and deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information or to contact a Carestream Dental representative, call 800.944.6365 or visit

About Carestream Health
Carestream is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing and advanced materials for the precision films and electronics markets. For more information about the company’s broad portfolio of products, solutions and services, please contact your Carestream representative, call 888.777.2072 or visit

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Causes Bad Breath?

An estimated 65 percent of Americans suffer from halitosis, or bad breath, according to the Washtenaw District Dental Society. But where does it come from? According to a TED-Ed video narrated by professor and bad breath researcher Mel Rosenberg, all comes down to the activity of bacteria in the mouth. "Bacteria in your mouth feed off of mucus, food remnants and dead tissue cells. In order to absorb nutrients through their cell membranes they must break down the organic matter into much smaller molecules," Rosenberg said.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do Oral Health Conditions Adversely Impact Young Adults

Caries Res 2015;49:266-274


This study assessed the extent to which clinically measured oral health conditions, adjusted for sociodemographic and oral health behavior determinants, impact adversely on the oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) in a sample of Belgian young adults. The null hypothesis was that, among young adults, the oral health conditions would have no impact on their quality of life. The participants were 611 new patients aged 16-32 years seeking consultation at the Saint-Luc University Hospital in Brussels in 2010-2011. The patients (56.0% female) were examined for their oral health conditions and answered a validated questionnaire about sociodemographic and oral health behavior determinants in addition to questions about their OHRQoL. The abridged Oral Health Impact Profile-14 was used to assess the OHRQoL. Interexaminer reliability for caries was 0.86 (95% CI 0.84-0.89, nonweighted κ). The outcome was a high score on the OHRQoL (median split). Hierarchical logistic regression analysis showed that young adults with clinical absolute D1MFS scores between 9 and 16 (OR = 2.14, p = 0.031) and between 17 and 24 (OR = 3.10, p = 0.003) were significantly more likely to report a high impact on their quality of life than those with lower scores. Also, periodontal conditions compromised significantly (OR = 1.79, p = 0.011) the quality of life of young adults. In conclusion, this study identified oral health conditions with a significant adverse effect on the OHRQoL of young adults. However, the prevalence of young adults reporting impacts on at least 1 performance affected fairly often or very often was limited to 18.7% of the sample.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Effectiveness of and tooth sensitivity with at-home bleaching in smokers: A multicenter clinical trial.

See the practical implication at the bottom. MJ
J Am Dent Assoc. 2015 Apr;146(4):233-40. doi: 10.1016/j.adaj.2014.12.014.



The authors conducted a 2-center controlled clinical study to show the equivalence of at-home bleaching in smokers and nonsmokers at 1 week and 1 month and evaluate tooth sensitivity (TS).


The authors selected 60 smokers and 60 nonsmokers with central incisors of shade A2 or darker. The participants performed bleaching with 10% carbamide peroxide for 3 hours daily for 3 weeks. The authors evaluated the color by using a shade guide and a spectrophotometer before, during, and after bleaching (1 week and 1 month). Patients recorded TS by using a 0-4 scale and a visual analog scale. The authors used multivariable regression analysis to test factors associated with color change and TS (α = .05).


Smokers and nonsmokers showed significant color change statistically equivalent to within ± 2.0 units at 1 week after bleaching. Overall, color shade improved by 4.1 shade guide units (95% confidence interval [CI], 3.7-4.5) and 7.8 units of color change measured with the spectrophotometer (95% CI, 7.1-8.5) at 1 month. None of the factors affected the TS risk. TS absolute risk and intensity were similar between groups (P > .05), with an overall estimate of 47% (95% CI, 38-56%).


The immediate effectiveness of whitening- and bleaching-related TS were not affected by smoking.


Smoking did not affect the immediate color change (1 week). Effective whitening was achieved regardless of whether the patient was a smoker. However, this equivalence was not apparent 1 month after bleaching, with smokers having slightly darker teeth.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Accuracy Comparison of Implant Impression Techniques: A Systematic Review

Moreira, A. H. J., Rodrigues, N. F., Pinho, A. C. M., Fonseca, J. C. and Vilaça, J. L. (2015), Accuracy Comparison of Implant Impression Techniques: A Systematic Review. Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research. doi: 10.1111/cid.12310



Several studies link the seamless fit of implant-supported prosthesis with the accuracy of the dental impression technique obtained during acquisition. In addition, factors such as implant angulation and coping shape contribute to implant misfit.


The aim of this study was to identify the most accurate impression technique and factors affecting the impression accuracy.

Material and Methods

A systematic review of peer-reviewed literature was conducted analyzing articles published between 2009 and 2013. The following search terms were used: implant impression, impression accuracy, and implant misfit. A total of 417 articles were identified; 32 were selected for review.


All 32 selected studies refer to in vitro studies. Fourteen articles compare open and closed impression technique, 8 advocate the open technique, and 6 report similar results. Other 14 articles evaluate splinted and non-splinted techniques; all advocating the splinted technique. Polyether material usage was reported in nine; six studies tested vinyl polysiloxane and one study used irreversible hydrocolloid. Eight studies evaluated different copings designs. Intraoral optical devices were compared in four studies.


The most accurate results were achieved with two configurations: (1) the optical intraoral system with powder and (2) the open technique with splinted squared transfer copings, using polyether as impression material.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The effect of gum chewing on sensitivity associated with in-office whitening procedures

Int J Dent Hygiene DOI: 10.1111/idh.12136 Henry RK, Carkin M. The effect of gum chewing on sensitivity associated with in-office whitening procedures.



Tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect of in-office tooth-whitening procedures. The purpose of this study was to determine whether chewing gum containing 0.6% casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) before tooth whitening would reduce tooth sensitivity during an in-office whitening procedure.


Thirty participants were enrolled and randomized into three groups as follows: group 1 was instructed to not chew gum during the study period; group 2 chewed five pieces of gum (with 0.6% CPP-ACP) for 10 min each day 1 week before whitening; and group 3 chewed five pieces of gum (without CPP-ACP) for 10 min each day 1 week before whitening. All participants had their teeth whitened with a 30% hydrogen peroxide in-office whitening procedure. The participants' shades of teeth were evaluated with a spectrophotometer four times during the study: at the initial screening visit, immediately before whitening, immediately after whitening and 1 week after whitening. Participants' sensitivity levels were evaluated each time the shades were evaluated and additionally at 24 h after whitening using a 100-mm visual analogue scale.


Thirty participants were enrolled in the study. The average shade change was −2.27 (±2.07). The average sensitivity for all groups at visit 1 was 5.12 (±13.94). The average sensitivity for all groups after whitening was 19.81 (±13.95). There were significant differences in sensitivity between groups 2 and 3 (= 0.02), but neither group was significantly different from the control group (= 0.86, = 0.07).


Chewing gum before whitening, including gum with CPP-ACP, did not reduce sensitivity during in-office whitening procedures.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Carestream Dental Recognizes Core3dcentres® NA as Complete Solutions Partner

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental and Core3dcentres® are pleased to announce that Core3dcentres has been recognized as a Complete Solutions Partner for Carestream Dental in North America.

Core3dcentres has undergone a rigorous training process to help CS Connect — a hosted web-based platform that enables the transmission of digital impression data — dental laboratories take maximum advantage of Carestream Dental’s game-changing computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solutions, making their workflow intuitive and efficient, while building their business.

First, practitioners use either one of several Carestream Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) units or the CS 3500 intraoral scanner to create digital impressions. With a CBCT unit, conventional impressions are scanned to create 3D models, or, the intraoral scanner can be used to capture true color, high-resolution 3D digital images of patients’ teeth.

Once the STL files have been submitted to a lab, two different workflows are possible depending on the laboratory’s digital capabilities, both based on the original scans taken by the practitioner with Carestream Dental scanning solutions. If the lab prefers to do its own case design, Core3dcentres can assist with fast model printing, eliminating the need for expensive in-lab model printing capabilities. In workflow option 2, Core3dcentres can also design the case for the laboratory and then print and return the models. The laboratory can choose to mill the case themselves or have Core3dcentres do it for them with either workflow option.

Both Carestream Dental and Core3dcentres are very excited by this partnership as it opens up new opportunities for the dental industry and reinforces both companies’ commitment to using the best technologies, materials and processes available in the market today.

For more information on Carestream Dental services from Core3dcentres, or any other products, services and educational offerings, please visit; or call toll-free at 1-888-750-9204 or email at

For more information on Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions, please call 800.944.6365 or visit

About Core3dcentres®
With production centers in Sydney, Australia; Calgary, Canada; Las Vegas, USA; Glasgow, Scotland; Maartensdijk, Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain; Osaka, Japan; Engelsbrand and Munich, Germany and growing every day, Core3dcentres offers the one of the most comprehensive suites of digital implant solutions today, allowing dental laboratories of any size to fully service every indication in dentistry’s most rapidly growing market segment with greater precision, faster turnaround and greater dentist and patient satisfaction. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technologies for a complete one-stop implant-crown solution, Core3dcentres supplies a full range of digital solutions, all supported by one of the largest ranges of dual-use lab/intraoral scan bodies (radiopaque and autoclavable) on the market today; lab analogs; digital model analogs; screws; titanium bases; hybrid abutments; titanium abutments and bars; and frameworks in PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium and Co-Cr for screw-retained bridges.

As a Carestream Dental Complete Solutions Partner; an authorized milling partner for the Thommen Implant System, Dentsply CELTRA™ Duo, VITA Zahnfabrik, Ivoclar Vivadent™, BioHorizons® and 3M Lava™; as well as a Cadent iTero™ model milling center, Core3dcentres® offers access to all of the leading brands (CELTRA™ Duo, VITA ENAMIC®, VITA SUPRINITY®, IPS e.max® CAD, Telio CAD®, ZenoTec®, Lava™) supported by continuing education, technical assistance, validated workflows and fast turnarounds. To find out more, visit

About Carestream Dental
Carestream Dental provides industry-leading imaging, CAD/CAM, software and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental products are used by seven out of 10 practitioners globally and deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information or to contact a Carestream Dental representative, call 800.944.6365 or visit

About Carestream Health
Carestream is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing and advanced materials for the precision films and electronics markets. For more information about the company’s broad portfolio of products, solutions and services, please contact your Carestream representative, call 888.777.2072 or visit


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration Entertainment-Only and VIP Packages Selling Out

Entertainment-Only and VIP tickets will not be available for purchase after May 15th

April 9, 2015 – Charlotte, NC – The hottest ticket in town is selling out quickly.

Sirona Dental, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry, announced today that due to overwhelming demand, VIP and Entertainment-Only tickets to its upcoming CEREC©30th (CEREC 30) Anniversary Celebration held at The Venetian® and The Palazzo® Hotel in Las Vegas from September 17-19th 2015 will no longer be available for sale after May 15, 2015.

“Sirona’s CEREC 30 Celebration is smashing registration records,” said Sirona Dental, Inc.  President, Michael Augins. “The record number of those who have already purchased tickets for C30 affirms the event’s popularity and solidifies its place as the world’s premier digital dentistry festival and experience.”

The Entertainment-Only pass is offered to spouses or guests who are not doctors and who are not attending courses. The pass allows entry to the welcome reception Thursday evening, celebrity entertainment Friday evening, and the closing celebration at TAO nightclub on Saturday night. This pass does not include breakfast or lunches.

The VIP package offers an enhanced CEREC 30 event experience, including:

·      Exclusive VIP registration and lounge area
·      VIP entrance to the general session
·      Reserved seating in the general session that guarantees some of the best seats
·      VIP reception area during the welcome reception, including special access to reserved bar and special lounge seating
·      Reserved seating for Friday’s musical entertainment featuring the Grammy-award winning rock and roll band Train
·      VIP entry to the final night party at TAO nightclub
·      Entry to exclusive VIP area at final night party
The CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration provides up to 18 CE credits across a comprehensive spectrum of digital dentistry topics and tracks, and features an exhibit hall showcasing top dental companies and their products and services.

Anyone who wishes to purchase VIP and/or Entertainment-Only passes for CEREC 30 must act by May 15th. All dental and dental lab professionals are encouraged to visit to register and for additional information.

About Sirona Dental, Inc.

Sirona, the dental technology leader, has served dealers and dentists worldwide for more than 130 years. Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers and handpieces. Visit for more information about Sirona and its products.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

DentalEZ® Enhances Family of NextGen® Dental Cabinets With Two New Additions


Introducing the NextGen® Sterilization Center and NextGen® Basic Cabinets

Malvern, PA (April 8, 2015) – DentalEZ®, a supplier of integrated products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce two recent additions to its DentalEZ® NextGen® line of dental cabinets, the new NextGen® Sterilization Center and NextGen® Basic Cabinets.

The efficient design of the NextGen Sterilization Center provides the entire dental team with all necessary requirements for a seamless sterilization process in one Single Flow Center.

Features include:

  • Spacious upper storage cabinets equipped with luminous task lighting
  • Glove, soap, and towel dispenser
  • An equipment tower with pull-out shelves and open storage spaces
  • A deep drop-in sink with faucet/spray
  • Tapmaster® hands-free faucet control
  • Stainless steel waste drop with basket
  • Two enclosed pull-out surfaces for equipment

The DentalEZ NextGen Sterilization Centers are available in four Single Flow Center sizes: 72", 96", 120", or 144" and can be completely customized per size or design to fit specific practice requirements.
In addition, the new NextGen Basic Cabinet line consists of three economical workstations ergonomically designed for workflow efficiency and ease of use. The NextGen Basic Team Workstation and its left-to-right pivoting mobile work surface hold either duo or assistant only instrumentation. The thin, tapered work surface is designed for ease of use during procedures and can be conveniently moved out of the work area with an effortless left or right gliding motion.  

Other NextGen Basic Team Workstation features include:
  • Upper storage module with two spacious cabinets
  • Luminous task lighting
  • A built-in electrical outlet with powder-coated aluminum trim to accommodate ancillary devices
  • Clean water system
  • Easy access drop-down pull-out front shelf for additional storage.
  • Base drawers (optional soft close)

The NextGen Basic Doctor’s and Assistant’s Workstation (side workstation) is equipped with side cabinets that are available in a wide variety of door and drawer configurations to meet each unique practice requirement. Features include:
·       Spacious storage drawers
·       Convenient countertop metal trash drop
·       Standard single lever stainless steel faucet
·       Stainless steel sub-base with adjustable feet for leveling cabinets
·       Optional Tapmaster foot-activated faucet control
·       Optional soap dispenser
·       Optional finished back panel

The NextGen Basic Dual Access Workstation (DAWS) is a shared workstation ideal for dual open bay operatory layouts. The Basic Dual Access Workstation is available in three models:
·       DAWS Model A includes a privacy panel
·       DAWS Model B includes a doctor’s console
·       DAWS Model C includes x-ray bi-fold doors

Features of the NextGen Basic Dual Access Workstation include:
·       An aesthetically pleasing stainless steel shared sink section
·       Countertop-mounted stainless steel trash drop
·       Numerous storage areas including: accessory item drawers, a customized storage area (available in numerous configurations of doors and drawers), a sink plumbing area, and a trash waste area
·       A sub-base with adjustable feet for leveling cabinets
·       Spacious upper-level storage area
·       Easy-load glove, cup, and towel dispensers
·       Access panel that can be used for a cabinet-mounted light or x-ray
·       Tapmaster foot-activated faucet control

For more information about DentalEZ’s full line of NextGen dental cabinets, please visit 

About DentalEZ®

DentalEZ® is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through fully integrated products and services. Encompassing five distinct product categories —StarDental®, DentalEZ®, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs, and Columbia Dentoform®—DentalEZ® manufactures everything in the operatory, from handpieces to chairs to vacuum systems to dental simulation models, creating a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort, and efficiency of the dental operatory. For more information, please visit

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