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3D Print Hard Splints on the Form 2 in Less Than 50 Minutes

Topical Silver Diamine Fluoride for Dental Caries Arrest in Preschool Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial and Microbiological Analysis of Caries Associated Microbes and Resistance Gene Expression

Dental Pharmacology Expert Tom Viola, RPh, CCP Launches New Informational Website

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Effect of toothpaste containing arginine on dental plaque—A randomized controlled in situ study

NYU Dentistry receives $2.8 million as part of multi-center study to stop progression of cavities

The effect of local and systemic statin use as an adjunct to non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy—A systematic review and meta-analysis


Effect of flowable composites on the clinical performance of non-carious cervical lesions: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Intelligent Updates to CS 3600 Software Makes Implant Workflow Smarter

Ransomware Malware and Other Nasty Viruses.

Dentsply Sirona Announces Program to Benefit Dentists Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Special Lecture At The ADA- LED Medicals Velscope

Special Lecture At The ADA- Dentlight

Special Lecture at the ADA- WEO Media

Special Lectures at the ADA

Wide diameter immediate post-extractive implants vs delayed placement of normal-diameter implants in preserved sockets in the molar region: 1-year post-loading outcome of a randomised controlled trial.

Treating High-Caries Risk Occlusal Surfaces in First Permanent Molars through Sealants and Supervised Toothbrushing: A 3-Year Cost-Effective Analysis

Fixed vs removable complete arch implant prostheses: A literature review of prosthodontic outcomes.

Accuracy of digital implant impressions with intraoral scanners. A systematic review.

Misfit of implant prostheses and its impact on clinical outcomes. Definition, assessment and a systematic review of the literature.