Milestone STA safe to use on children

 I got this memo from Gene Casagrande, DDS. I am a big advocate of the C-CLAD devices and use the STA machine in my own office. MJ

 "Effect of computerized delivery intraligamental injection in primary molars on their corresponding permanent tooth buds" was conducted by  Prof's Malka Ashekenazi, Sigalit Blumer and Ilana Eli from Tel Aviv University, Department of Pediatric Dentistry.  The study was published in the June, 2010 issue of the prestigious International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry.

The study addressed the issue of using the Wand/STA System, i.e. Computer-Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery (C-CLAD) technology. on primary teeth in children.  It addressed an important, unanswered question: Would using C-CLAD technology for an intra-ligamentary injection on primary teeth cause damage to the underlying, developing, adult permanent tooth?  It must be clearly understood that previous information (textbooks & articles) indicated that using intra-ligamentary injections on primary teeth was contraindicated because of the high-pressures produced using a high-pressure mechanical syringe or a conventional syringe.  Prior to the Ashkenazi study, no definitive study had been conducted using the Wand/STA Systems (C-CLAD technology) to perform the intra-ligamentary injection on children.
Ashkenazi's study design is well controlled, blinded, and has a sample size of 166 primary molars on 78 children, which meets statistical power and relevance.  It was conducted over 8 years and represents the most comprehensive data set on this topic to date.  The study goes beyond what was previously performed by Brannstrom, in 1982 by improving the general study design and by utilizing an innovative C-CLAD technology as the test instrument.  This study evaluates the use of C-CLAD and discusses the biologic rationale that using a computer-controlled, low-pressure, and precisely regulated fluid dynamic to perform the intra-ligamentary injection results in a specific outcome not previously noted in the dental literature.

The study results conclusively demonstrate that using the Wand/STA System,
(C-CLAD technology) for intra-ligamentary injections, does not contribute to nor does it increase the danger of producing developmental disturbances to the underlying permanent developing tooth.  The conclusion is unambiguous and represents important information for dentists who treat children.


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