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‘That’s DENtertainment!’

Oral Sex or Peer Pressure: How a Sexual Myth Has Made Being Toothless Fashionable

Epocrates RX for Palm Web OS

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New Injection Device-DentalVibe

Free Samples from Triodent.


Latest issue of APEX now available

The effectiveness of an individually tailored oral health educational programme on oral hygiene behaviour in patients with periodontal disease: a blin

Update from the GNYDM

The effects of lavender scent on dental patient anxiety levels: a cluster randomised-controlled trial

American Dental Association petitions FDA to classify, regulate tooth-whitening products

Dentists Can Help to Identify Patients at Risk of a Heart Attack

Happy Thanksgiving

IMTEC Launches “My MDI story” Website

U.S. military halts rollout of electronic dental record

Montessori School Of Dentistry Lets Students Discover Their Own Root Canal Procedures

Kerr Expands Tissue Management Line with Hemostasyl


British Dental Association Attacks Unacceptable And Growing Chasm" In Oral Health Inequalities

Form Of Mercury In Older Dental Fillings Unlikely To Be Toxic

Cambridge MedCom to Shoot Free 30-Second Video for Dentists' Websites at The Greater NY Dental Meeting

Occupational exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) and the risk of Self-Reported Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Core Materials – Which to choose and Which to use

Noncovered services: House supports legislative action to counter trend

Google Picasa Drops Price of Storage

Tonights Webinar

Latest edition of Apex

RelyX Unicem Cement Capsules Hit the 50 Million Mark

Aribex Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Bio-Ray Prox

Lanmark Group to Review Highlights of Benchmark RDH Survey During Greater New York Dental Meeting

Thanks to Continental Airlines

ClearCorrect to be at GNYDM

AAP Keynote Address on Perio/Systemic Connection

Dental Expenditures in the 10 Largest States

Opinions of American and Swedish Orthodontists about the Role of Erupting Third Molars as a Cause of Dental Crowding.

DENTAL surgeries have been told to remove magazines and toys from their waiting rooms

Characterization of mouthguard materials: Thermal properties of commercialized products

Five years of sleep apnea treatment with a mandibular advancement device.

Orthodontic treatment of malocclusion improves impaired skillfulness of masticatory jaw movements.

OSAP Shakes it Up for 2010 Symposium

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