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Deep Learning for the Radiographic Detection of Apical Lesions

Does selective carious tissue removal of soft dentin increase the restorative failure risk in primary teeth?: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

Association between periodontitis and cognitive impairment: analysis of national health and nutrition examination survey (NHANES) -III.

Smartphones and tooth brushing: content analysis of the current available mobile health apps for motivation and training

Changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide in the genesis of sleep bruxism: a mechanism study

Electronic and paper mode of data capture when assessing patient‐reported outcomes in the National Dental Practice‐Based Research Network

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Dentists Prescribe Antibiotics Far Too Often: Study

Laser therapy as an adjunct treatment for peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis provides no extra benefit for most clinical outcomes Author links open overlay panelClovis MarianoFaggionJr.

Interventions for peri-implantitis and their effects on further bone loss. A retrospective analysis of a registry-based cohort.

DMG Celebrates 10th Anniversary of a Dental Icon

Silver Diamine Fluoride may prevent and arrest root caries in older adults

Limited evidence suggests that the immediate placement of dental implants into infected sites versus non-infected sites in the esthetic zone show comparable clinical results

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate may be the most effective direct pulp capping material

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Research and Education Learning curve of intraoral scanning by prosthodontic residents

Results of complex rehabilitation patients with temporomandibular joint disease and parafunction of masticatory muscles.

MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman Speaking on Teledentistry Opportunities in Private Practice During CDA Presents in Anaheim

Evaluation of the actual chlorine concentration and the required time for pulp dissolution using different sodium hypochlorite irrigating solutions

Is reduced dentition with and without dental prosthesis associate with oral health-related quality of life? A cross-sectional study

Risk for cervical herniated intervertebral disc in dentists: a nationwide population-based study

Prediction Model of Cardiac Risk for Dental Extraction in Elderly Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases

Systematic Review Survival of dental implants at sites after implant failure: A systematic review