d-STATION 3D scanner

Press Release: Breuckmann's High Precision d-STATION 3D scanner dental clinical model and impression - June 8th 2010

Breuckmann's latest development, the digitizing system d-STATION 3D adapted and optimized for automated 3D imaging in dental, orthodontics, implantology and impression applications.

d-STATION 3D scanner utilizes miniaturized projection technique provides high-resolution acquisition of 3D data. d-STATION 3D scanner new, sleek and ergonomics design offers the optimal solution with regard to cost-benefit ratio.

Given d-STATION 3D scanner integrated concept of dental clinical model or impression positioning and 3D scanning hardware assembled in a closed housing, d-STATION 3D scanner is resistant to environmental interferences such as vibration, light, dust etc. and thereby ensures easy, error-free handling with high-quality results.

About Breuckmann GmbH

Since its incorporation in 1986, the Breuckmann GmbH, located in Meersburg at the Lake of Constance, Germany, has been playing a key role in developing and improving these technologies, resulting in the manufacturing of an extensive spectrum of high definition 3D surface scanners for fast and precise non-contact 3-dimensional image processing. 

For additional information please visit at http://www.Breuckmann.com, e-mail: sales@breuckmann.com or call +49 7532 43 46 33


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