DentalEZ EverLight LED operatory light

It has been a few weeks now since my DentalEZ EverLight LED operatory light was installed. It is amazing what you don't know when you don't have it. This operatory light is different then what you are currently using. It did not take me long to incorporate the use of this light into my practice. Previously there was just an on/off switch on my light but now I have lighting choices!

Most dental operatory lights are based on halogen bulbs and reflect the light. The EverLight uses a dozen LED lights for direct lighting.  The LED's are very bright and cool and are rated for 10,000 hours. The light intensity is from 8000 to 20000 Lux.  The light is not coming from a single point so the light is more balanced. The light is positioned higher on the patient and is in a rectangular configuration reducing shadowing in the mouth. This also helps keep the light out of the patients eyes. The EverLight is very bright but you can control its intensity by pressing one of the 3 push buttons on the light. There are 3 different setting for the light. One setting simulates daylight (5300K)and can be used for shade matching. The second setting is at 4300K which can be used for routine restorative when you are not looking for bright white light. The third setting is for composite placement so as not to set the composite prematurely.  My assistant has grown accustomed to hitting the composite button automatically when we go to place the composite. There is plenty of light while still allowing me enough working time to easily place the composite.

I normally use a headlight on my loupes but this light has me switching back and forth as it very nicely illuminates the oral cavity. Sometimes I am combining the headlight and the Everlight but for some procedures I am just using the EverLight. Patients have made positive comments about the light when sitting in the chair. "Hey doc, you got a new light!" They reference the fact that is is different then what they are used too seeing and very high tech.

I had the light installed on a ceiling mount but it can be mounted as a pole light. If you are in the market for a new operatory light I would highly recommend considering the DentalEz EverLight.


Bryan Gilroy said…
Nice review, Marty! How much better is visibility due to shadow reduction? Also, do you think you're saving any time with the composite lighting function? Thanks
Overall, this light is a winner. You have to position it differently then you are accustom too. After getting through that learning curve, I think with its better brightness and less shadows it illuminates the oral cavity better. I don't think we save any time with the light as we used to just turn off the light or direct it away from the mouth.

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