Calgary, Alberta, Canada. February 12, 2013 Brightsquid Dental Link (Brightsquid) introduces Secure- Mail for dental professionals, the messaging system that is compliant with patient privacy legislation. Exclusively available through Brightsquid, Secure-Mail enables the secure exchange of patient information between dentists, specialists and dental labs that operates as traditional email. Secure-Mail is the latest feature to be added to the Brightsquid Dental Link platform, to simplify communication.
Compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, and other patient privacy legislation, Secure-Mail is leading the dental industry by providing: Encryption, Auditability and controls, Data backup and storage, Data disposal, Identity authentication, Emergency access and Unique user identification.
Included with Secure-Mail:
  •   Attach files up to 500 MB per message: Attach and share common file types like JPG, PNG, DOC, PDF files and large files like STL 3d images and DICOM studies
  •   View, annotate and manipulate files within Secure-Mail: Close gaps in communication with annotations and 3d images
  •   Unlimited Storage: Securely store and archive patient data
  •   Works with Existing Email Address: Users will be notified of any new messages or updates in their current email account, simply click on the link and you'll be taken directly to your Secure- Mail message.
    Mr. Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid, says “We’re excited about this product upgrade because it enables collaboration between specialists, dentists and labs easily, just use it like your email. No learning required! We’re also pleased that we were able to bring it out at a price point that should make it affordable for all dental users.”
    Secure-Mail is available now to all Brightsquid Dental Link users. As Brightsquid is a cloud based system, all upgrades will continue to be built-in to the platform, there are no extra charges to users, and system upgrades are not required. Email, or visit to get a subscription.
    About Brightsquid:
    A privately-held company, Brightsquid Dental Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has users in Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and Russia.
    Brightsquid‘s secure, dental collaboration software is available through their cloud-based platform, Brightsquid Dental Link. Working with leading dental practice management systems, Brightsquid Dental Link maintains a
Mr. Ulf Broda, Manager of the Aesthetic and Neuromuscular Department at Aurum Ceramics, states “Secure-Mail is the easiest way to share patient information. It works just like email, but it is compliant. I especially like how easy it is to send multiple high resolution photos at the same time."
complete record of patient information where dental professionals can manage, monitor and share private patient data. More information visit


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