Getting started with CAD/CAM technology has never been so economical

06.03.13, 08 Uhr
Dental equipment manufacturer Sirona is expanding its digital impression product line. The new, economical digital impressioning system APOLLO DI features easy handling coupled with precise imaging at a low cost.
With a new impression system, Sirona offers dentists a very economical start to digital impressions: in addition to the acquisition systems with the proven CEREC Bluecam and the convenient CEREC Omnicam, Sirona is now launching APOLLO DI. The impression system is based on Sirona's 28 years of CAD/CAM experience and makes getting started with digital impressions more economical than ever before. The reasonably priced APOLLO DI features easy handling, precise imaging, and the proven Sirona Connect workflow. The impression system includes an imaging unit, APOLLO Connect software, and the APOLLO DI intraoral camera, with which users can make digital impressions of the clinical situation in a seamless workflow. To do this, a moisture-insensitive high-contrast spray is sprayed on the teeth very finely. Fine particles in the spray ensure high contrast and thus very precise images.
The Sirona product line now includes the CEREC Bluecam, the CEREC Omnicam, and the APOLLO DI - three high-quality intraoral cameras. Although these three cameras with their different imaging methods are tailored to the different needs of various dental practices, the interaction between the practice and the lab is the same - the digital model data can be quickly and easily transmitted to the dental laboratory via Sirona Connect and processed there with the inLab system or with third-party systems using open interfaces.

A customized system for every use
APOLLO DI rounds out Sirona's extensive range of digital impression systems. Sirona is the only dental equipment manufacturer that offers dentists a system suitable for every price range and requirement. "From the economical starter system to the high-end camera, we have the ideal system for every dentist and the optimal camera in our line," states Dr. Wilhelm Schneider, Director of Sales Marketing and Vice President of Sirona.
With Sirona's impression systems, dentists can choose the way they want to start using CAD/CAM technology. Sirona has the entire range of systems for dentists - whether they want to treat all indications in conjunction with the dental lab, offer their patients chairside restorations, or are not yet sure what the right option is for them and select a camera to which a milling machine can be added later to create a chairside system.

1. APOLLO DI: Digital impressions
APOLLO DI is an economical solution for dentists who want to offer digital impressions, but still plan to work closely with the dental technician and are interested in a lower-priced system.

2. CEREC AC with Bluecam or Omnicam: Digital impressions with the option of chairside treatment
The CEREC imaging unit is optimal for dentists who plan on continuing to work with their dental technician in the digital workflow, but who may also want the option of upgrading their system for chairside work later. The powder-free and full color rendering CEREC Omnicam retains Sirona's high standards for precision while offering unsurpassed intraoral access.

3. CEREC Chairside: Chairside treatment with integrated solution for digital impressions
CEREC Chairside is ideal for dentists who want to prepare single-tooth treatments or even small bridges in one session. With Sirona Connect, digital impressions and integration with the dental laboratory is optional and free of charge.


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