IDS Day 4 and 5 The Rest of the Story

Day Four of the 2013 International Dental Show (IDS):

I came across some interesting products in the Planmeca booth, including a cone-beam CT scanner that is a medical unit that can also be used in dentistry. It is a fully adjustable sit-down unit that carries a pretty hefty price tag: 250,000 euros. I liked the cool green pod!

Planmeca is also releasing its own combination intraoral scanner and software and milling machines. No word on when this unit will be available in the U.S., but it does use open architecture so you can build your way up from a chairside scanner to in-office milling. The scanner seemed a little large but did have a nice feel.

PlanScan from Planmeca 

I also saw the MIA3d, a scanner from Densys3D, an Israeli company that is hoping to enter the U.S. market later in the year. They will be upgrading to color images.
MIA3d from Densys3D
Other highlights included several low-power, noncutting diode lasers for disinfecting periodontal pockets and endodontic canals. One example is the Helbo from Bredent. A blue dye is injected into the pocket or canal, and the diseased tissue absorbs the dye, making the cells more susceptible to destruction from the laser energy.
Helbo from Bredent
I also came across a couple of interesting dental chairs, including a high-end chair from Chirana that was selling for only 30,000 euros ($39,000). These chairs are not available in the US but the company is looking for a US distributor.
Dental chair from Chirana
There was also a company selling implant component clones starting at 39 euros ($51). was displaying copies of most of the well-known brands, but it has no U.S. distribution at this time. I thought they were selling implant clones also but they do have their own branded implants. offers low-cost implant clones
Not all products are high tech! A low-tech product was these plastic flexible bur blocks from BurButler, an Irish company. The bur blocks were developed by Dr. Paul Moore for his own use, and you order them direct from his website, Look for U.S. distribution coming soon -- likely in the next month.

At the end of the day, I stopped for a quick snack at the Cologne train station before


heading back to the hotel to change for the Strictly Dental Party, the final get-together for everyone working and attending the IDS.

The party is held in an old factory that is now a nightclub, and it's a fun night filled with all you can eat and drink, plus bands and a disco. It gives everyone a chance to wind down after a long week and have fun with 2,500 of their closet dental friends. There was even an ambulance parked out side just in case. I had a wonderful time and got in late good thing the next day I had no early meetings and decided to sleep a little later.

Day 5 at IDS It's time to put a fork in it.

Well I did get onto the convention floor a little later then normal thanks to a wonderful time at the Strictly Dental Party the night before. I headed right for the Chinese Pavilion.  On the last day no one wants to ship any equipment back so there are many deals to be had on lots of differnt products.
If you have ever seen all the different Chinese dental products on eBay then this section of IDS is for you.You can have fun and wheel and deal to your hearts content.

My buddy Dr. Dale Miles is an oral radiologist who has written many books on radiography and cone-beam CT technology, and now he has developed a software product called Easy Writer. After you do a cone-beam CT scan, you are legally responsible for interpreting any pathologies in the scan, whether it involves your treatment plan or not. The Easy Writer walks you step by step through the interpretation of your cone-beam CT scans. Through words and pictures, you can efficiently generate a very detailed report for your dental records. The software seems easy to use and can help you become more proficient in reading CT Scans. There are great images to show you exactly what you maybe seeing along with recommendations on flow up and referral. Remember if you don't know what it is... REFER!

AdDent has released an updated version of its popular shade matching light. The new Rite Light 2 has multiple lighting scenarios, including daylight, incandescent, and mixed lighting. This allows you to more accurately judge shades using multiple lighting conditions. 

Another interesting device was the Impla Sonic (KMG), an ultrasound machine that claims to promote osteoblastic activity and alveolar bone growth after implant placement. I have no idea if this works, but it was interesting concept.

Impla Sonic

Now for the the most interesting thing I saw at IDS: DigitalPrep from B&D Dental Technologies. This is a concept whereby you take a preoperative impression of a tooth or teeth either with a polyvinylsiloxane (PVS) impression or scanner. The file of the preoperative tooth is then virtually prepared. A model of the virtually prepared tooth is then printed via stereolithography, and a cut-down jig is produced so that you can then accurately prepare the tooth. From the virtually prepared tooth, a crown can be fabricated at the same time. So, in effect, you can now deliver a final crown at the preparation appointment in less than 30 minutes in many cases. Currently, there are some limitations, but you can do a single tooth or up to a four-unit bridge.

 Half way through Saturday the decison was made to cut out early and go relax so off to the therm we went. The Therm is an adult water park and spa. So relaxing before heading home then next day is a great idea before a 9 hour plane ride.
I stopped back to see thre Dom Cathedral at night

 So up early and a bid farewell to Cologne Germany. I took the train back to Frankfurt airport and it was snowing again.

  I hoped for an on time departure and a quick flight back to the US. It all worked out and I was back in NJ for dinner. So consider coming to a future IDS

March 10 - 14, 2015
March 21 - 25, 2017

You won't be disappointed but remember to make your hotel reservations a year in advance.


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