IDS 2013 In More Detail Day 1 and 2

I had the pleasure of attending the International Dental Show 2013. The worlds largest dental event held every other year in Cologne Germany. This year over 125,000 visitors came through the turnstiles from 56 countries.  This is a dental trade show. There is no continuing education classes per se although there are demonstrations and education in the vendors booths.

IDS started foe me in the Newark Liberty International airport as I met with a representative from Capek to learn more about the new digital Captek (Argen) restorations  The Captek coping is fabricated from a scanned model, giving excellent accuracy when full ceramic restorations may not be indicated. I have done a full mouth reconstruction using digital Captek restorations including an implant and I must say that I was happy with the outcome and the patient was ecstatic.

I flew from Newark NJ to Frankfort Germany. After only 2.5 hours sleep I disembarked from the plane only to be met by snow. I walked down the stairs of the plane onto the snowy tarmac and was wisked away by bus to the terminal.

I met up with my lecture partner Dr. Paul Feuerstein and then we took a train to Cologne. It is supposed to be a high speed train and only take 1 hour. Due to the weather the train was almost an hour late and we stood shivering on the train platform until it's arrival. The trip took almost two hours. wed checked into the hotel and then had to get some translation assistance to purchase local train transportation tickets so that we could go the one stop from downtown Cologne to the Kolenmesse where the IDS is held.

Ultimately we made it to the convention floor around 4pm that afternoon about 2 hours later then planned.

One of the first booths I visited was the Bien Air booth. They make excellent electric handpieces that I use daily in my office. I appreciate the quality and innovation. Previously the were using an iPad to control their iChiroPro motors but are now expanding the iPad controllers to integrating with the 3 Shape Intra Oral Scanner ( more to come on this)

and using an iPod touch to control the electric handpiece motor. 

I walked around and for a bit and saw some other items including an intra oral microscope camera and an ozone machine. Then it was off to some company party's. The Kettenbach Party was held at the Koln Sky which gave beautiful views on downtown Cologne and the Dom Cathedral. It was now time to head back to the hotel and get Day some much needed rest.

Day 2 started with more snow and a quick train ride to the convention site.
It was quite evident that this meeting was all about digital dentistry and scanners both intra oral for the dental office and impression and model scanners for the dental laboratory.

Carestream is releasing both an intraoral scanner (the CS 3500) and a milling machine (the CS 3000). The CS 3500 The unit has a small handpiece

and is able to scan impressions if you own a Carestream cone-beam CT system. You place the impression into a special jig and you basically take a conebeam image of the impression. 


The scanner produces color images and will have the usual software checks in place to ensure that there is adequate clearance and no undercuts before sending the open architecture STL file for milling.
The unit is currently in development and should be ready for the US market later this year.

I saw two new phosphor plate scanners: Air Techniques has released a new phosphor plate ScanX scanner that processes single plates quickly, Here is a photo of the new ScanX in my office.

and Soredex has an updated version of its Optime phosphor plate scanner. My office continues to use the original Optime scanner on a daily basis.

Orange Dental is a large equipment company based in Germany that will be entering the U.S. later this year with a digital x-ray sensor that is compatible with Windows and Macs. Orange also has an intraoral disinfection device that can be used in periodontal pockets and during endodontic procedures.

But the most interesting product from Orange Dental is a digital periodontal probe that makes charting your patients' periodontal condition simple. I saw this probe at IDS 2 years ago and was intrigued. With this periodontal  probe, all the vital information such as pocket depth, recession, and bleeding points can be easily recorded and then directly saved by placing the handpiece back into the USB-connected docking station.

Then the patient's periodontal information is directly uploaded into the software. Currently they are using there own periodontal charting software but look for integration with the popular practice management software programs in the US.
This perio probe will make periodontal record keeping much easier and your hygienist happier as no one will need to come help her record the perio charting.

Digital periodontal probe

Edelweiss Dental was releasing a new high end composite that will be great for direct veneers and demanding cosmetic cases called Inspiro. It handles a little stiff but that makes it great for sculpting. The composite does not stick to the instrument. If you want to have the composite flow a little easier they showed me a composite placement instrument that vibrates. Kerr's  Compothixo -- which is not available in the U.S. -- is powered by a AAA battery and energizes the composite to decrease the viscosity of the composite. Various tips are available for use in carving and sculpting composites.

So that was all from the first 2 days at IDS 2013. 

Look for further information on Days 3-5 at IDS in the next few days on the blog.


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