IDS Days 3- IDS Is In Full Swing!

Day 3 IDS 2013

The sun was shining today as I got to the convention.

Philips, which announced updates to the AirFloss and the Flexcare. AirFloss now has a self-firing function to speed up your flossing. Unfortunately, this new AirFloss will not be available in the U.S. for some time, according to the company. The new FlexCare Platinum has three levels of intensity and three modes.

Acteon has some interesting new products: the ultrasonic scalers the Newtron P5 and P5XS. The flagship P5XS can deliver medicants for periodontal treatment and also disclosing solution to aid in finding plaque and removing it while scaling. There is also iPad control if desired. Both units have an LED light in the tip, which can be white or blue, to help identify plaque.

Acteon's X-Mind unit is an x-ray head that can integrate with a Sopix sensor. The sensor plugs into the x-ray unit and automatically shuts off the x-ray generator when the proper amount of radiation is received. This reduces x-ray exposure to the patient.

Acteon has released a new intra oral camera, the Soprocare. This camera is a intra-oral camera, does caries detection and can also observe plaque and gingival inflammation. This new unit is currently in my office and I will be posting about it.

EMS has launched new Air-Flow powders for the Air-Flow Handy 3.0 air polisher. There are 2 models one that is just for supraginigval polishing and another that can do both supra and sub gingival root polishing.These different powders can be used both supra- and subgingivally.  Talk to your hygienist about this as it may make her job much easier.

3M ESPE has a new impression material, Imprint 4. It is a fast-setting, self-warming A-silicone material capable of setting in 1:15. It gives off a slight warmth and has a mint flavor. The material did not get hot and not sure what the real benefit of the warming is and why it is needed to make the material set faster. The mint flavor was a plus.

Lythos orthodontic scanner from KaVo
Kavo was showing Lythos an orthodontic scanner that would allow you to take digital orthodontic models. Clear aligners can be constructed from the models along with trays for bracket placement and cementation. Not sure if this will mean a digital prosthetic scanner may not be far behind?

Sirona was launching 25 new products at IDS. Most in the the digital dentistry catagory. The new products include  lab and chairside milling machines, plus a lab impression scanner and more aesthetic milling blocks for use in the Cerec milling machine.

Sirona is also offering a very interesting combination of cone-beam CT (CBCT) images: Cerec scanning and facebow mounting along with soft-tissue imaging to enhance complex treatments involving temporomandibular joint disorder therapy and changing occlusion. The images can all be combined so that final results can be accessed and splints can be made to determine patient acceptability prior to doing the definitive restoration.

Another interesting use of CBCT is for sleep apnea analysis. You can view airway volumes and segmentation. After appropriate jaw repositioning has been determined, an oral appliance can be ordered from the digital information. I had my face scanned with this Sirona system. You can now manipulate soft tissue by combining the facial scan along with CBVT and Cerec scans. From this facial scan a 3-D model of my face was printed by 3-D Systems.

There were many laboratory companies showing there 3-D printing capabilities. You may not know that much of the metal work that is currently being done by your lab is all being done digitally.

 I found a booth that had a  tiki bar and
I ended the day listening to music in the Brazilian pavilion.


nachumj said…
"The flagship P5XS can deliver mendicants for periodontal treatment"

i suspect that the mendicants don't want perio treatment. they tend toward general neglect of oral hygiene.
i would love to own a piezo scaler that would deliver medicaments together with the scaling and simultaneously clean the water lines.

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