Retreatability of different endodontic sealers using chemical solvents

Available online 19 September 2015




The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of removal of different sealers using ProTaper Retreatment System applying different solvents.


Root canals in 135 single-rooted teeth were instrumented and obturated with gutta-percha using one of the following sealers (n = 45): group A; MTA Fillapex sealer, group B; AH Plus and group C; Endofill sealer. After one month, the root canals were retreated with a rotary retreatment system; ProTaper Universal Retreatment kit using different solvents according to the subgroups: (n = 15) subgroup D; DMS IV, subgroup E; EndoSolv R and subgroup N; no solvent was used. Roots were split longitudinally, canals were observed using a stereomicroscope at 20×. The images were subjected to morphometric analysis to assess the amount of remaining root filling material. Statistical analysis was performed by two way ANOVA and Student–Newman Keuls post-hoc test was done for pair-wise comparison.


Group B showed significantly (P = 0.004) higher values of residual root filling material than groups A & B in case of no-solvent use (subgroup N). During the use of EndoSolv R (subgroup E), no significant difference (P = 0.34) was found between all groups. However, with use of DMS IV (subgroup D), Group B recorded the highest significant value followed by group A then the group C.


Resin solvent was efficient in removal of resin and MTA based sealers while DMS IV is only beneficial with removal of zinc oxide and eugenol based sealers.


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