Results from Network Study on Isolation Techniques Questionnaire

Isolation Techniques Questionnaire Study Was a Great Success!
The National Network's first questionnaire study is complete. The topic was the types of isolation techniques that general dentists use while doing root canal treatment (RCT).

Many thanks to the more than 1,600 practitioners who made this study a great success. General dentists enrolled as a limited participant (surveys only) or full participant (surveys and in-clinic studies) who reported doing at least some RCT were eligible to participate. An excellent response rate of 88% suggests a high level of validity.

I find the preliminary results of this disturbing. We were all taught that we need to isolate teeth for endodontic therapy. MJ

We hope you find the following preliminary results of interest.

Of the responding general dentists who do RCT:
  • 48% reported always using a rubber dam during RCT for anterior teeth.
  • 58% reported always using a rubber dam during RCT for premolars.
  • 60% reported always using a rubber dam during RCT for molars.

General dentists who do RCT frequently were less likely to use a rubber dam all of the time than general dentists who do not do RCT frequently. Rubber dam use also varied with other dentist characteristics, such as year of dental school graduation and practice type (e.g., solo private practice, group practice, publicly-funded clinics, etc.).

Final Results
Analyses of this rich data set are underway and will be reported in the coming months. Complete findings will report on:
  • What other isolation techniques are used, if any, when a rubber dam is not used.
  • What problems do dentists have when isolating teeth during RCT?
  • What are dentists' attitudes toward isolation techniques?


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