Procter & Gamble Company vs. CAO Group

United States District Court Judge Timothy S. Black has issued an Order staying the case of The Procter & Gamble Company vs. CAO Group, Inc. pending the outcome of a determination of the validity of P&G’s patents by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Procter & Gamble (P&G, NYSE: PG) filed the patent infringement lawsuit in 2013 against CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), a high-tech dental company, for CAO’s SheerFilm products including Sheer White!®, Sheer DesenZ® and Sheer FluorX® for teeth whitening, desensitizing, and fluoride treatment, respectively. CAO countered with anti-trust claims against P&G, including a claim that P&G has asserted patents against CAO that P&G knows are invalid or not infringed.

“CAO is confident that the patent office will confirm our position from the beginning, that the patents asserted by P&G are not valid. Additionally, we fully believe that our revolutionary SheerFilm products do not infringe any of P&G’s patents,” said CEO and founder, Densen Cao, PhD. “CAO is a company committed to intellectual property and as a result, the company holds over 150 issued and pending patents and has licensed its technologies to many companies in the community.”

SheerFilm is an advanced delivery system that replaces customized trays for dental treatments. It adheres to the teeth surfaces tightly when it is applied. Sheer White is the most advanced teeth whitening product available in the market. People can use it practically anytime and anywhere. Due to its ease-of-use and effective whitening, SheerWhite has become the leading take-home teeth whitening system in the professional market. The proprietary gelatinous carbamide peroxide formulation can whiten a patient’s teeth in just 5 days. Sheer FluorX and Sheer DesenZ are the only products in the market to deliver desensitizing and fluoride agents to teeth in a film format. These products make the dental treatments easier, faster, and better for both dentists and patients.

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