What Are Perfect Teeth?

Having a couple wayward misaligned teeth is a trend in Japan, where cosmetic dentists are making that dream come true. Reminding us that beauty is everything and nothing.
Last spring, the world's first "snaggletooth girl group" gave their debut concert. They weren't called that by some execrable critic; the women's teeth are actually their sell. The title of their album is Mind If I Bite? 

The Tokyo-based group is called TYB48, and their Lou Pearlman-esque founder, Taro Masuoka, is actually a dentist in an upscale part of Tokyo. Masuoka runs a practice called Pure Cure, where they perform a lucrative cosmetic procedure called tsuke-yaeba that purposely gives people crooked teeth. So it works out nicely that he's also promoting the look in pop culture.
Before tsuke-yaeba (left) and after tsuke-yaeba (right). 
Via google translator: "example of your worries resolved"

As Japan Today put it, yaeba means "'multilayered' or 'double' tooth, and describes the fanged look achieved when molars crowd the canines and push them forward." They report it as a uniquely feminine trend: "Japanese women of all ages [are] flocking to dental clinics to have temporary or permanent artificial canines ... glued to their teeth." It's been gaining in popularity over the past few years.
Masuoka's dental practice made a commercial to sell the experience. (Heads up, the pace makes it almost unwatchable. It really starts to test you at the 2:10 mark when they spend 20 full seconds reclining her dental chair. And then zero seconds showing what they actually do to her teeth.)

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