Henry Schein launches new cloud-based practice management system

It’s official. I just learned Henry Schein, the makers of Dentrix and Easy Dental, is launching a new cloud-based practice management system at Chicago MidWinter Meeting. I was lucky to get a demo of the system this Summer at the Dentrix Summit and I was quite impressed with the interface and ease of use. 
This is not just a port of Dentrix to the cloud. It is a completely new system. Henry Schein developers spent two years in research and development working with dentists to design a new interface and workflow from the ground up. It is designed to deliver information and prioritized tasks to each team member based on their role in the office. So screens will be different for the front desk compared to hygiene. The most used screens will by the appropriate staff member will be easily available to them.

On Thursday, Henry Schein will unveil the beta version in booth 2516 at the Chicago meeting and will be accepting applications for beta testers.  They say the final version will be released by the end of the year. So if you are interested in beta testing be sure to contact Dentrix.

I cannot tell you the product name yet because that is a surprise for on Thursday at the formal announcement, but it is safe to say it will have Dentrix in the name, even though it does not look like the Dentrix many of you know.
Keep your eyes on the blog for the latest information on this new cloud based practice management software. 


jessedictor said…
I work with some online dental programs and I must say I am very interested by this. Does it have its own website online yet?

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