WannaCry Ransomware attacks

As you know, last Friday's WannaCry Ransomware attacks was the largest cyber attack to date.  

In a day it: 
  • Infected over 300,000 computers
  • Over 150 countries were impacted
  • All indications are that the IT gentleman in England saved North America from being hit much worse.
  • Today's reports indicate that the attackers have a new variant that works around what slowed the worm in England

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Here are a few of the most recent facts regarding the seriousness of the largest threat to data security, that being Ransomware attacks.

From a recent IBM report we learned the following:
  • In 2016 the number of Ransomware attacks increased more than 6,000%.
  • Over 70% of those attacked were forced to pay the ransom due to their backup/recovery system failing them.
From a recent survey of 1,100 Managed Service Providers (IT providers) we learned the following:
  • Of those attacked by Ransomware in 2016, 93% had active anti-virus running.
  • Of those that elected to pay the ransom more then 1 in 4 never recovered their data.
From the McAfee Threats lab report we learned the following:
  • There are more than 9,000,000 separate variants of Ransomware presently active on the internet.
Newer variants of Ransomware are now leaving behind malware called Dridex that seeks out and transmits SS#, DOB and banking credentials to cybercriminals.    


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