OraCoat® XyliMelts® Reduce Dry Mouth for Oral Cancer Patients

All-Natural Dry Mouth Remedy Can Help Reduce Xerostomia in Oral Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo and Radiation Therapy Treatments

Bellevue, WA (March 6, 2017) – OraCoat® XyliMelts® help oral cancer patients suffering from dry mouth as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Xerostomia, more commonly known as dry mouth, is the subjective sensation of dryness experienced when an insufficient amount of saliva is produced. While mild or occasional oral dryness occurring especially during sleep is considered normal in healthy individuals, excessive ongoing dryness leads to, among other things, disturbed sleep, difficulty chewing and swallowing, tongue roughness, frequently drinking liquids at night, and rampant tooth decay.

Dry mouth is exacerbated in cancer patients because chemotherapy or radiation treatments can impede salivary gland production, resulting in lower levels of saliva and increased symptoms of dry mouth. In some cases, this condition is only temporary and will dissipate after a few months once treatment has been completed and the salivary glands have had a chance to regenerate and begin functioning properly again. However, in some cases, the dry mouth becomes a chronic issue for those who received this treatment.

XyliMelts is a patented dry mouth product that sticks to the gums on the outside of a molar, releasing one-half gram of Xylitol, which stimulates saliva flow via a sweet flavor, reduces dry mouth, and may reduce the risk of tooth decay as well. Xylitol, slowly released in the mouth so it lingers, is most effective for reducing xerostomia and reducing the risk of tooth decay. XyliMelts used at night while sleeping is the most effective per gram delivery of Xylitol.*

Oral cancer patients can use many products to combat dry mouth, such as sugarless candies to stimulate saliva, but XyliMelts is the only product designed for use while sleeping which is when dry mouth is worst.* “XyliMelts provide people affected by oral cancer with an all-natural, effective remedy for alleviating xerostomia symptoms,” stated Jeff Haley, founder and Chief Scientist of OraCoat. “Although increasing fluid intake, regularly flossing, and using mouth washes can assist in reducing problems of dry mouth, by applying XyliMelts discs on a nightly basis, oral cancer sufferers can reduce sleep disruption and wake up free of cotton mouth.”

In a March 2016 Clinicians Report® survey of dentists published by CR Foundation, an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, 152 dentists who were familiar with OraCoat XyliMelts rated it more effective than any other remedy for dry mouth, including prescription drugs which came in second.

XyliMelts are available over the counter at CVS and Rite Aid. For more information on XyliMelts, visit www.oracoat.com.

A companion product to XyliMelts for oral cancer patients is XyliGel®, a soothing gel with 17% Xylitol buffered to pH 7.4 to relieve dry mouth. It works especially well for people with very low levels of saliva. XyliGel is available online at oracoat.com.

*Documentation of these statements available upon request.

Survey of 1168 dentists, March 2016 Clinicians Report®, an independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation.

About OraCoat

OraCoat is a division of OraHealth Corporation, the world leader in the breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs” which slowly release ingredients in the mouth and are safe for use while sleeping. The OraCoat® brand represents a family of products that solve oral care problems by coating the mouth with safe ingredients that become effective when they are slowly released. Our flagship product is XyliMelts® for Dry Mouth, an OTC product. Other oral care solutions in the OraCoat family are planned. OraCoat’s innovative oral care solutions are backed by careful research based on medical science to ensure optimum performance and user safety.

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