Profluorid® Varnish

Light and tasteful white transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride varnish

VOCO proudly presents Profluorid®’s “operatory ready” SingleDose 200 pack.  Profluorid is a thin, great tasting, white transparent, 5% NaF varnish that has quickly become the popular choice among hygienists and their patients alike.

Profluorid’s new 200 pack allows users to position the product within their operatory for easy retrieval eliminating the need for additional trips to the store room.  As a varnish Profluorid seals off the dentinal tubules and offers high immediate fluoride release to relieve hypersensitivity, setting up in seconds after contact with saliva. Enhanced flow characteristics allow Profluorid to reach areas that traditional varnishes may miss.

Profluorid Varnish has an easy, non-messy SingleDose delivery system making the application headache free for users which is complemented by its low film thickness, light taste, and enjoyable flavors (Caramel, Melon, Cherry and Mint).  

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