New version of Tellcast has been released...

Tellcast 2.1

New version of Tellcast has been released...

We are pleased to announce the release of Tellcast 2.1.  You might not see a large difference in the broadcast but behind the scenes is an entirely different matter.  Tellcast 2.1 uses HTML5 which removes the need for Flash video which is unreliable with very large files sizes that can lock up the system. With HTML5, the file size is far smaller and loads almost instantaneously on a reasonably good network.  This switch means quicker more reliable broadcasts and far less system crashes. Another benefit to HTML5 is that it's compatible with devices such as iPads and Android tablets.  We are currently testing the software on tablets to ensure it runs smoothly.   

If you have yet to upgrade to the Tellcast video streaming box, take advantage of our $299 special through the month of June.  If you have yet to get graphics design or even installed your, please give us a call at 888-519-1142 and get started today. 
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