TellCast 2.0 Ready For Viewing

Tellcast 2.0 available as of 2/20


Tellcast.TV, LLC scheduled to release a new and improved version of the software

Fort Collins Co - Tellcast is pleased to announce the release of Tellcast 2.0.  Tellcast 2.0 is a new and improved version of Tellcast that includes higher product stability and a more streamlined look and feel to the broadcast.  Features include:

Pre-Fetching - with Pre-fetching, Tellcast is able to queue up all streaming videos in advance.  The result of this is a broadcast that looks more like traditional TV as opposed to a web stream (like from YouTube).  Tellcast has done away with video buffering so when a slide loads, the video instantaneously plays.  Your customers will never know you're streaming through the internet.


Autoloading - One annoyance to our clients was the need to login with a user name and password every time you start Tellcast.  With Tellcast 2.0 you can set to automatically log in to the software when you open your browser.  By simply logging into your portal and flipping a switch, the software will automatically start up and run with no intervention from you or even an input device attached to your computer hardware.

Tellcast BRIX - In order to take advantage of the new features, Tellcast has had to develop customized computer hardware that can handle these new requirements.  What this means is, if you are currently running Tellcast on a Google TV you will NOT be able to take advantage of these advanced and exciting features.  The new features are only compatible with:
  • Tellcast BRIX
  • Windows PC
  • MAC 
  • Linux
If you are currently running Tellcast on either of the mentioned platforms, you will automatically be upgraded to Tellcast 2.0!

Furthermore, the Tellcast BRIX is developed in such a way that it is plug and play.  All you have to do is plug it in and the box will do the rest.  Even if you lose power in your office, when the power comes back on the BRIX will automatically start up and start running Tellcast again without you doing a single thing. The BRIX also allows us to run presentations when you lose internet connectivity (feature coming soon).. 

If you would like to upgrade to the new Tellcast BRIX platform, we will - for a limited time - provide you a box at our cost of $295 (Retail $399).  If you would rather stay with the Google TV platform, you will be able to do so but will stay on Tellcast 1.0 without the advanced features.

To order your new hardware, please call 888-519-1142 or via email at


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