Anutra Medical Introduces Revolutionary Approach to Delivering Local Anesthetics

Morrisville, NC – Anutra Medical introduced a groundbreaking local anesthetic delivery system to the dental industry that reduces patient pain, increases predictability of numbing and increases overall efficiency.
The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is a revolutionary way to simply buffer local anesthetics. “In its simplest form, buffering is neutralizing acids with bases,” explains Dr. Daniel Davidian, DDS, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Anutra Medical. Typically, local anesthetics are highly acidic with a pH around 3.9. “This is similar to the pH of citric acid...can you imagine injecting something as acidic as a lime or a lemon into your body on purpose?” Dr. Davidian inquires.
Not only is the currently used, unbuffered anesthetic very acidic, it typically takes the anesthetic upwards of fifteen minutes to cross the nerve membrane and ultimately numb a patient. By leveraging the power of the science of buffering, the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System is able to bring the acidity level of the anesthetic closer to that which is found naturally in the body. As a result, buffered anesthetic crosses the nerve membrane very easily allowing a patient to become more profoundly numb within minutes of injection while simultaneously reducing the pain of injection caused by the acidic anesthetic.
Buffering is a practice that has been utilized by the medical community for many decades. However, accurately buffering local anesthetics can be difficult and cumbersome. With the Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System, buffering local anesthetics is as simple as twisting a knob. The intricately engineered Anutra Cassette® is designed for precision buffering of the local anesthetic to be delivered in a simple way. The immense attention to detail in the creation of the cassette allows for preservation of the drugs attached to the cassette giving it up to a four-day shelf life. The Anutra Cassette® is designed for use with the Anutra Dispenser®.
The products will be unveiled and sold at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Show at the end of February. Product is expected to ship early Spring 2015.
About Anutra Medical, Inc.
Located in Research Triangle Park, NC, Anutra Medical is a team of experienced dental and health care professionals focused on providing solutions to enhancing the patient experience and increasing office efficiency. We are leveraging the science of buffering local anesthetics through our innovative and revolutionary delivery system. Our core belief is creating partnerships with practices. We foster these relationships by either performing in office implementations or utilizing technology for educating and training. Questions? Contact Ryan Vet:


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