Orascoptic EyeZoom in XV1 Frame

I have been addicted to magnification for doing dentistry for years. In fact I have been using 4.8X magnification for almost everything. The problem was the field of view. The tight field of view at 4.8X is not always what I needed. I had to compromise magnification for field of view. Not anymore!!!

The new EyeZoom from Orascoptic allows me to go from 3 to 4 to 5X zoom in the same surgical loupes. So now I can easily just dial in the correct magnification for the procedure by rotating the dial on the magnification portion of the loupes.
Here are the field of  view numbers 4" (10.2 cm) at 3x, 3.25" (8.3 cm) at 4x, 2.5" (6.35 cm) at 5x

Add in the cordless convenience of the XV1 integrated illumination system and I have found the best way to treat my patients. The magnification and field of view customized for the procedure and no cords dangling from a battery pack. All power is contained in the batteries attached to the oupes themselves.

I like to say if you can't see it well you can't do it well.


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