San Diego, CA: February 10, 2015- Integrated Charts, Inc., a San Diego technology company, has announced the public release of tab32, a free cloud-based practice management software and a services platform that provides seamless integration of scheduling, patient communications, clinical information, and billing services. Its cloud-based applications are custom-made for tablets and can automate workflow of a dental practice to increase both efficiencies and revenue. The tab32 system eliminates the need for in-house servers, IT support, upgrades, and HIPAA concerns.
The tab32 system allows individual dental offices to be more efficient by delivering administrative services centrally and eliminating the need for time-consuming software and hardware updates in-house. With the resulting economies of scale and centralization of services, tab32 provides a more effective billing service with a low monthly fee to the practice, eliminating billing errors while reducing staff costs and improving collection rates.
The software and systems are fully HIPAA compliant. With no in-house server required, practices save time and money and are protected against security breaches and hardware theft.
Kiltesh Patel, founder and CEO of tab32, stated, “The cloud provides a potentially game-changing opportunity to collect data, aggregate information, and understand patterns. This data can be used to help improve patient care, increase efficiency in the delivery of care, and save individual clinics tens of thousands of dollars every year.”

For more information about tab32, or to sign up for a free product demonstration, go to



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