Introducing 3M™ True Definition Software 4.1

Latest version of 3M True Definition Software allows dentists to more quickly and efficiently take digital impressions for challenging cases

ST. PAUL, Minn. – (September 19, 2013) – 3M ESPE announces 3M True Definition Scanner Software Version 4.1. This software upgrade improves the focal range of the scanning handpiece, making it easier to scan a full arch and capture challenging areas of the oral anatomy.  This upgrade will be automatically installed on all 3M True Definition Scanners, and is another example of 3M’s commitment to continuously improve the user experience and offer the greatest value possible with its affordable monthly data plan.
Practitioners who have used the new software in a clinical setting have emphasized its improved scan speed and ease of capturing incisal edges and interproximal spaces, resulting in more user control of the scanning experience and less overall chair time for the patient.
“The new software has improved the speed of capture,” said Dr. Nicholas Marongiu, DDS. “I was able to scan a full arch in about half the time as before.”   
“The new software makes it easier to scan quickly and efficiently for challenging patients; it allows me to get in and out,” said Dr. Brent Fredrickson, DDS. 
The 3M True Definition software upgrade also was praised for its ability to improve training of new users.   
“The new software will improve the training experience for new doctors and other clinical trainers like me,” said Jeanne Lavery, certified clinical trainer for the 3M True Definition Scanner. 
“Our customers are pleased to see 3M providing continuous technology improvements, such as easier scanning or expanded treatment options, without additional upgrade costs,” said David Frazee, VP and GM of 3M Digital Oral Care. “With 3M’s model, it is easy to get started now with something that is proven, and still be well positioned for future improvements.” 
The 3M True Definition Scanner continues to be more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than leading systems on the market¹. The outstanding accuracy leads to reduced seating times and has been clinically proven in thousands of cases in the past 12 months, with a fit rate of 99.7%2
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