Are there universal restorative composites for anterior and posterior teeth?

Available online 31 August 2013
In Press, Uncorrected Proof



This retrospective, longitudinal clinical study investigated the longevity up to 20 years of posterior restorations placed with 3 universal composites (Charisma, Herculite XR, Z100) and of anterior restorations placed with 2 universal composites (Charisma, Herculite XR).


Records from 90 patients were retrieved from a private practice (374 posterior, 219 anterior restorations). Clinical evaluation was performed by the FDI criteria. Survival analysis was assessed using Kaplan–Meier method and Log-Rank test, and factors associated with failure by multivariate Cox regression with shared frailty.


In the first 10 years, almost 95% of the restorations were satisfactory, showing increased failure thereafter. Charisma showed the most failures in anterior and posterior areas. Annual failure rates varied between 0.3% and 2.5%, with slightly better performance for anterior restorations. Fracture (posterior) and aesthetics (anterior) were the main reasons for failure.

Clinical significance

Differences were observed between restorative materials with different properties, but these became apparent only after more than 10 years of clinical service. The present study provides evidence that in a patient group with low caries risk, anterior and posterior restorations placed with universal composites may have excellent long-term clinical performance.


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