So what was new at the 2010 ADA Session in Orlando?- Small Equipment

I am a big believer in magnification and illumination.  So it was great to see a new product from Orascoptic called "Freedom" I have ordered the "Freedom" with 5.0 magnifiers. I cannot wait to try it!

  • Lightweight battery pods that connect to the temple arms of the loupe, rather than heavy belt-packs employed by traditional LED systems. Moving power to the loupe itself eliminates the issue with long dangling electrical cords that are prone to getting caught on chairs, doorknobs, and cabinets in the dental office.
  • A robust yet simple universal mounting clip securely fastens the lightweight headlight to virtually any TTL loupe on the market.
  • Innovative capacitive touch technology eliminates the need for any buttons, knobs, or switches, but more importantly, allows the practitioner to control the light while holding instruments in both hands. Capacitive touch also eliminates bacteria traps associated with traditional light system controls, making the Freedom easy to sanitize and maintain.
  • Unique weight-neutralizing counter-balance between the battery pods and the headlight relieves forward pressure on the nos

Triodent the makers of the V3 Matrix Rings have released new titanium triple trays. They are so new they are not listed on the web site. I ordered some to try. They are very rigid to prevent distortion and have a disposable mesh. I will let you know how they work out once I get them.

The Vibringe is the first endodontic sonic irrigation system that enables activation of the irrigation solution, acoustic streaming, in the root canal, in only one step. The activation of the disinfectant enriches and completes your irrigation procedure and improves the success rate of your endodontic treatments, without any hassle! Results have shown that this system significantly improves debridement. It also improves the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm by activating irrigation solutions.

Vidar has a dental film digitizer.  It digitizes and enhances xrays  in or out of the mounts. It can do panorex as well as other sizes. Images can be enhanced. Good for offices still using film but looking to go digital. See the video


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