So what was new at the 2010 ADA Session in Orlando?- Digital Impressions

I love the thought of digital impressions but I could never justify the expense as I could never see a return on investment.  Sirona has eliminated scan fees so you now can have a positive ROI! You cannot mill with this unit as that would require an upgrade but you can connect ot your favorite laboratory.

CEREC AC Connect represents the latest advancement in chairside digital impressioning with no more scan fees. Powered by Sirona’s exclusive Bluecam technology, CEREC AC Connect provides digital impressions of the highest precision for impeccable results.

Delivering the fastest acquisition speeds on the market, the CEREC AC Connect now brings the fastest return on investment. And only Sirona offers you the ability to upgrade your digital impressioning unit to connect to an in-office milling unit. So when you’re ready to expand your practice to include single-visit indirect CAD/CAM restorations, your CEREC AC Connect will be ready, too.

  • No scan fees—ever!
  • Fastest acquisition times
  • Superior Bluecam image quality
  • Access to Sirona’s existing network of inLab users
  • Readily upgradeable to include in-office milling capabilit


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