Net32 Survery on Dentists Online

Cary, NC (PRWEB) October 6, 2010
Net32 today reported that it completed a social technographic survey of members of its industry leading dental comparison shopping marketplace, revealing a number of major differences between dentists’ online behavior and that of the US adult online population. For example, dentists identified themselves most frequently as Critics as defined in the social media focused book Groundswell; people who rate and review products and services, contribute to forums, comment on blogs, etc. About 25% of online US adults are classified as Critics while over 40% of dentist respondents identified themselves as such by their interests and activities.
Dentists were also represented strongly as Collectors; people who receive real-time updates from sites that interest them, tag photos, rate websites, and suggest websites. 26% of the dentists identified as Collectors, more than double the 12% US online adult Collectors. In the category of Creators; people who publish blogs, upload video, write articles, etc, dentists identified themselves as this at a 10% level, below the 18% of online US adults who are classified as such.
Dr. Pat Cassidy, CEO of Net32, stated, “We undertook this survey as a means to explore how dentists are participating in social technologies, with a view to learning from them how we should change the way we communicate, collaborate, and connect with them, and them with other customers. We received over 450 responses and it will take months of study to fully analyze the results. Our customer base has certainly provided us with all we need to choose and implement social technologies that they feel will bring them the most value when engaged with our money saving dental supply shopping experience at”


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