So what was new at the 2010 ADA Session in Orlando?- Software

I had the pleasure of seeing Eaglesoft 16 in action. The improvements will make most offices very happy. Screens have been streamlined and improvements to many areas make this software even easier to use. My favorite was the line item accounting which will make most office managers very happy being able to apply payments to the exact transaction they are paying.

Eaglesoft 16 will allow you to personalize your practice management software, giving you more power to run a smart and efficient practice. Look forward to many new features, including line-item accounting, customizable windows with dockable panels, family walkout for processing all family member appointments on one walkout and date-based reporting. Eaglesoft 16 will have a staggered release over the next few months, in order to ensure Patterson support is readily available for all users.
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Actionrun is a company that provides a software service to reactivate patients.

Practice Activator is a service for dental practices that allows them to bring back their lost or inactive patients. It uses advanced analytics to analyze patients’ records in your practice management software database in regular one-month intervals and send personalized letters to a group of select patients who have not been to your office for a long time. Letters are tailored to the dental profile and the treatment history of each individual patient and thus generate a much higher response rate than usual recalls. Our customers report that they have got some of the patients back that had never visited their office in the past two years. If you are facing any of these problems in your practice:
  • Many of their patients are inactive and don’t contribute to their revenues.
  • Their patients often leave their ideal treatment plan unfinished.
  • Spend too much time and money on sending recalls with low response rates.
  • Low-value treatments make bulk of their cases.
  • Most of their patients come back for just regular cleaning.
Lighthouse PLZ (Which I use in my office for recare and patient reminders) is changing their name  to Lighthouse 360.  Look for many exciting features that will include looking at the data in your practice management software and evaluating it in real time. The software will then recommend ways to improve your practice.


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