OraHealth Re-Brands CankerMelts® with Enhanced Product Technology and a Newly-Designed Package

OraHealth Re-Brands CankerMelts® with Enhanced Product Technology
and a Newly-Designed Package

Bellevue, Washington (January 26, 2010) – OraHealth, the world leader in the breakthrough technology of oral adhering discs, recently released a new and improved adhesion and non-stain formula and a newly-designed package for its CankerMelts® all-natural canker sore solution discs.

The improved adhering technology of CankerMelts better keeps the disc in place, while the disc's new transparent color eliminates the risk of staining tooth surfaces. Traditional benefits of using CankerMelts remain the same and include:

• Relief from canker sore-related pain in minutes
• Works well with braces & dentures
• As opposed to numbing chemicals, CankerMelts are made from an all-natural, time-released soothing collagen and natural medication
• CankerMelts can be safely and effectively used during any daily activity including showering, exercising, and sleeping

CankerMelts uses a patented dissolving time-release disc to allow precise application of natural collagen and licorice root extract directly to the sore. CankerMelts have been clinically proven to relieve pain while in place and reduce the pain after the disc dissolves by 89%.*

Designed by Lanmark Group, Inc., the newly-designed green and white package will replace the prior blue design of the CankerMelts box. “We wanted to brand the new CankerMelts design by using colors that reflect the all-natural ingredients used for our canker sore solution,” remarked OraHealth President and CEO Glenn Bonagura. “For the past three years, OraHealth has been at the forefront of providing all-natural relief from painful aphthous ulcers. By incorporating earth-tone colors and images into the new design, we are hoping our consumers will embrace OraHealth’s philosophy of using effective and clinically-proven, all-natural products for canker sores.”

CankerMelts has been proclaimed by many as the best treatment for canker sores (medically-termed aphthous ulcers). Recent clinical trials at the University of Washington’s School of Dentistry, one of the nation’s premier centers of dental research and education, suggest that CankerMelts is more effective than any other non-prescription treatment and, moreover, equally effective as prescription treatments in relieving pain and accelerating healing of canker sores. For more information, please call 877-672-6541 or log onto www.orahealth.com.

*References available at OraHealth.com.

About OraHealth

OraHealth is the world leader in the breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs”, which time-release therapeutic levels of medication precisely where it’s needed. When you choose OraHealth products, you know you’re getting high-quality, innovative oral care solutions that are solidly backed by careful research based on medical science.


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