Invisalign-10 case minimum.

Here is a recent letter sent out by Invisalign.

Dear Doctor:

Align Technology has always been committed to great treatment outcomes for Invisalign doctors and patients. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do, and is evident in the investments we make in clinical research, product development, and industry-leading clinical education.

But ultimately, success is in the hands of the doctor. As awareness and acceptance of Invisalign has grown, so has consumer demand and the size of our trained doctor base. Which leads us to ask, how can we be confident that every Invisalign® provider actually has enough product knowledge and experience to help give patients a great outcome? Align wants every Invisalign provider to be one we can comfortably direct a prospective patient to with an expectation of knowledgeable treatment and a great outcome.

Effective June 1, 2009, Align is implementing Invisalign product proficiency requirements to help ensure good clinical outcomes and a more consistent standard of treatment for Invisalign patients. This proficiency initiative requires every Invisalign provider to start a minimum of 10 Invisalign cases and complete at least 10 Invisalign-specific CE credits each calendar year to maintain active account status. Details on all aspects of the proficiency requirements are available at

Align wants to make sure that every doctor who wants to be successful with Invisalign can be successful with Invisalign. As part of this proficiency initiative, we have defined a Proficiency Pathway of Invisalign educational opportunities at to help doctors achieve confidence with key aspects of treatment. And starting today, your VIP page will show a dashboard of your patient starts (based on cases shipped to you) and CE credits for the year to help you stay on top of the proficiency requirements.

Doctors who choose not to meet the annual case and CE requirements by December 31, 2009 will be able to continue treating any in-progress cases, but will not be eligible to submit new Invisalign cases or to represent themselves as Invisalign providers.

Attaching proficiency requirements to using Invisalign helps Align preserve the integrity of the Invisalign brand for prospective patients and for the doctors who use our products. Being an Invisalign provider should mean something. Going forward, being an Invisalign provider will represent a baseline of Invisalign knowledge and expertise, and will convey a doctor’s commitment to maintaining proficiency with the Invisalign products and treatment.

As always, the men and women who work for me in North America are there to assist you in achieving your goals, whether that means meeting this year's proficiency requirements, or going beyond that to truly make the most of Invisalign in your practice.


Dan S. Ellis
Vice President, North American Sales