DENTRIX G4 Service Pack 5

The next service pack for Dentrix should be out shortly.

DENTRIX G4 Service Pack 5, now you can:

• Set the default Chart dentition for newly-added patients to primary or adult, based on customizable settings that reflect the patient’s age.

• Allow DENTRIX to automatically check for updates and display a notification whenever updates are available for your software (if your office is on a current Customer Service Plan).

• More conveniently access the Practice Analysis Reports from the Reports menu in the Office Manager.

• View more accurate, updated patient balances in the Ledger that have been automatically updated to reflect family edit changes.

• Print due dates on billing statements for patients without having to set up a payment agreement.

• Choose whether you want to use the simple version of the Select Patient dialog or the more powerful, new Select Patient dialog in the Chart, Treatment Planner, Questionnaires, Perio, and Document Center modules.

• Click a button to return to the default sort order of the Progress Notes if you have customized the way they are sorted in the Chart.

• Adjust the margins on the printed Chart progress notes to accommodate for 3-ring binder holes.


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