Crest launches new Complete 7 Expert toothpaste

I wonder if this is coming to the US?

Crest launches today its new Complete 7 Expert toothpaste which hardens the tooth enamel after 2 weeks.

Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body due to its high mineral content. However, it is still susceptible to demineralization, a deterioration process which can lead to caries or cavities.

'Not everyone is familiar with enamel and its importance. Enamel is the frontline of protection for teeth and it is crucial to protect and prevent it from demineralising. The right toothpaste can help you to protect your enamel from wear and tear and preserve a bright, healthy and confident smile,'

said Mohammed Azzawe, Brand Manager, Oral Care AP.

Although being the hardest tissue in the human body, enamel can be broken down by several factors including applying too much pressure on the teeth during brushing, sugary foods leading to cavities and also acid erosion.

Acid erosion is a chemical process that occurs due to acids in foods particularly fruits and drinks. It can lead to demineralisation of the tooth enamel which can result in discoloration, sensitivity and expensive dental work such as veneers.

The new Crest Complete 7 Expert Enamel Protection is a specialised toothpaste for comprehensive enamel protection. It contains FluorisilTM, which is scientifically proven to enhance re-mineralisation and rebuild the enamel. FluorisilTM is a combination of fluoride and two types of silicas.

Fluoride is immediately available while brushing and becomes integrated into the enamel to rebuild and strengthen it, making it more resistant to acid attack. Silicas on the other hand deliver superb cleaning power and helps to remove enamel stains. This comprehensive toothpaste also contains the anti-tartar ingredient, Pyrophosphate, to prevent discoloration due to tartar and stain formation.

Crest Complete 7 Expert Enamel Protection is part of the new Complete 7 Expert range of specialized toothpastes which also includes Expert Gums Protection and Expert Sensitive. It is now available for purchase in all major retailers and pharmacies across the Arabian Peninsula.


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