Brush for 40 seconds?

The 40 Second Electric Toothbrush is only $99

This is the world's most efficient electric toothbrush that thoroughly cleans all of your teeth in 40 seconds, reducing necessary brushing time by 66%. Unlike typical toothbrushes that only clean one surface at a time, this advanced model has four heads that clean six surfaces--the front, back, and chewing surface of top and bottom teeth--simultaneously. The electric toothbrush automatically executes the Bass technique, a brushing method recommended by the American Dental Association: the bristles are aligned at a 4° angle and move towards and away from the gums 810 times per minute to remove bacterial plaque from teeth and at or below the gumline. The pivoting heads self-adjust to accommodate narrower front teeth and broader back teeth and the bristles have varying lengths so that they clean prominent tooth surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces. Two included rechargeable AA batteries provide up to 60 uses after a 12-hour charge. Charger plugs into AC. Includes four soft bristle brush heads and a tongue cleaner.

Check it out on the Hammacher Schlemmer Web Site


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