Risky Business: The Choking Game

Here is some information for all dentists and parents alike. I was unaware of this type of activity. Now maybe we can help prevent a tragedy for someone. MJ

Risky Business: The Choking Game

Teens experiment with attitudes, appearances, and behaviors. While most of it is harmless, some experiments can have tragic results.

One experiment that backfires involves young people trying to get high by choking themselves or their friends. Teens—usually in middle school and early high school—try it alone or with others. They do it for the perceived high that occurs as oxygen rushes back to the brain—putting the player at high risk for nerve damage, even death.

Sound dangerous?

It is.

The challenge of losing consciousness and reviving is known by many names, including: pass-out, tingling, blackout, choking game, suffocation roulette, and other names in different areas of the country.

Read all about it with other links at the SAMHASA web site


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