Dentrix G4 is coming soon!

I have heard that the beta for G4 is wrapped up so expect to see Dentrix G4 in the first and second quarter of 2009. If you have not upgraded to G2 or G3 its time to get a move on. Dentrix usually only supports the previous two versions of the software, so support for version 11 may be going away. My office is currently on G3 and we are not having any problems. So in this calendar year we did the G2 and G3 upgrades and went chartless. Yes there are minor issues such as the speed at which the chart and treatment planner load but these are not big enough problems to mitigate the huge benefits. So if you need to upgrade some of that legacy hardware and take the plunge into the upgrades. If you do upgrade to G3 make sure you get the component upgrades from the Dentrix web site.


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