Lighthouse Plz

Lighthouse PLZ (say "please") is an Internet-based suite of tools that integrates with and extends your existing practice management system. I currently use this service with Dentrix in my office to completely outsource my recare system. It can be used with practically any practice management software. For one low monthly price, PLZ offers a broad array of services that enables a higher level of productivity with less work.

Lighthouse Plz

* Combines e-mail, cell phone text messaging, and traditional postcards to ensure you reach all of your patients
* Uses a sophisticated schedule for contacting (and if necessary, re-contacting) patients based on carefully designed intervals to achieve the appropriate result (i.e., a confirmed appointment, a scheduled prophy appointment)
* Enables complete customization of your messages how they look, what they say, when they're sent, even if theyre sent

PLZ Messaging is 100-percent automated, so you reap the benefits of better communication, while your team is freed from spending hours making phone calls and printing and mailing reminders.

Check out more on the Lighthouse Plz web site and also check out Club Lighthouse a practice management group that comes with the service.


John said…
not to mention that the surveys that are automatically emailed to patients are very effective and help retention of patients tremendously.

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