3M ESPE Z100™ and Filtek™ Z250 Restoratives Receive Excellent Clinical Ratings

3M ESPE Z100™ and Filtek™ Z250 Restoratives Receive Excellent Clinical Ratings From The Dental Advisor

Restoratives offer long-lasting esthetics and minimal wear, proven through clinical history

ST. PAUL, Minn. – (Nov. 6, 2008) – 3M ESPE is proud to announce that both 3M™ ESPE™ Z100™ Restorative and 3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z250 Universal Restorative have received excellent (+ + + + +) clinical ratings from The Dental Advisor, the highest achievable rating from this esteemed research- and educational-focused group.
Z100 restorative, an all-purpose, light cured composite with zirconia filler particles, was reviewed at 15 years and given a 96 percent clinical rating. To review Z100 restorative, almost 130 restorations that were placed in 1992-1993 were recently recalled. After 15 years, more than 80 percent of restorations exhibited no fracture or chipping, and while less than 20 percent showed some minor chipping, none of the restorations had required replacement. Evaluators from The Dental Advisor noted, “The wear resistance at 15 years was excellent, and in most cases wear was almost undetectable.” Additionally, very little shade change took place over the 15-year-period, with more than 70 percent of the restorations exhibiting excellent shade match.
Overall, evaluators believed that Z100 performed “exceptionally well over the 15-year monitoring period in both the anterior and posterior regions,” and, “The clinical performance of Z100 during this period met or exceeded all expectations.” Evaluators concluded: “Even though many new composites have since been introduced, Z100 has proven itself to be in a class of its own.”
Filtek Z250 universal restorative, a direct universal composite for anterior and posterior use, was reviewed at nine years and given a + + + + + rating. To review Filtek Z250 universal restorative, more than 560 restorations were recalled and evaluated. Results showed that almost 95 percent of restorations showed no chips or fractures. Additionally, 98 percent were rated very good to excellent in terms of esthetics, with restorations remaining smooth with stable color. The Dental Advisor evaluators stated, “The appearance of these restorations has rated consistently high for the past nine years.”
Nearly 90 percent of the restorations possessed no marginal discoloration at recall. Evaluators noted, “While staining at the margins can be predicted to increase over time, the ratings in this category have remained stable.” Evaluators also affirmed that “[Z250] is performing well not only in the anterior region, but also under occlusal load in posterior Class I and Class II situations,” and conclude, “It is an excellent choice for durable, esthetic restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.”
Ratings from The Dental Advisor were given in the clinical categories of resistance to fracture, esthetics, wear resistance, and resistance to marginal discoloration.
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