Posterior composites: update on cavities and filling techniques

Available online 23 November 2016




The aim of this paper is to examine cavity design for posterior resin composite restorations and to discuss various resin composite filling techniques.


Literature with regard to cavity preparation for amalgam and resin composite restorations has been reviewed. An overview of available bulkfill resin composite systems is provided and a categorization of these systems according to their clinical application and their intended use is outlined.


A literature search was carried out by the authors in Medline.

Study selection

Pre-defined inclusion criteria based on keywords were included and reviewed.


Minimum cavity preparations are advised for posterior resin composite restorations, preserving the greatest amount of healthy tooth structure. For resin composite restorations only the caries lesion needs to be removed with all remaining tooth structure protected for the bonding process. The anticipated outcome of this philosophy will result in the longer survival of teeth. Newer bulkfill restorative resins allow the operator to complete the restoration in a similar time to the placement of a dental amalgam restoration.


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