Prevention of dental erosion of a sports drink by nano-sized hydroxyapatite in situ study



To evaluate the inhibitory effects of the sports drink containing nano-sized hydroxyapatite (nano-HA) on dental erosion in situ.


The study had a single-blind, two-treatment crossover design. The two treatment groups were a control group (CG; Powerade only) and an experimental group (EG; 0.25% wt/vol nano-HA was added to Powerade). Ten subjects wore removable palatal appliances containing bovine enamel specimens. The appliances were immersed in each drink for 10 mins, 4 times a day for 10 days. The tooth surface microhardness (SMH) was tested, and the erosion depth and the morphology of the tooth surface were observed. The data were analysed by repeated measures anova and t-test.


Between the baseline and the 10th day, SMH was decreased by 80% in the specimens of the CG (P < 0.001), whereas there was only a 6% decrease in the SMH of the specimens in the EG. An erosion depth of 12.70 ± 4.66 μm and an irregular tooth surface were observed on the 10th day in the specimens of the CG. No dental erosions, however, was observed in the specimens of the EG.


The sports drink containing 0.25% nano-HA was effective in preventing dental erosion in situ.


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