Another piece to the Chartless/Paperless Dental Office

We have been doing the scan and shred technique for patient intake forms since we went chartless many years ago. There have been solutions to filling out forms online but none seemed to be the right fit. We have been struggling to get to the next step due to some limitations and have had things setup for a while but just never set a start date, mostly because we are comfortable in what we were doing. We needed to break through to the next level.

One problem was that we would need multiple tablet computers and everyone agreed that typing on a tablet is not easy when having to fill out multi page forms.  So instead of spending lots of money on iPads (which we did beta test),

 I decided to try a Google Chromebook. A Chromebook runs Googles Chrome OS. If any of you use Chrome as your browser you will be right at home. The Chromebook connects to the Internet via WiFi and looks and feels like a very lightweight laptop computer with a keyboard.
The Chromebook cost me under $200 on sale and I can deploy two of them for the price of an iPad along with the convenience of a keyboard. Looking forward to reducing the paper use along with time spent shredding!