A multi-centered clinical audit to describe the efficacy of direct supra-coronal splinting–A minimally invasive approach to the management of cracked tooth syndrome

Available online 28 February 2014



This audit looked at the use of direct composite splinting to manage cracked tooth syndrome (CTS).


Patients who had been assessed as having CTS were offered the treatment of a directly bonded, composite overlay restoration placed in supra-occlusion. Cases were reviewed up to 3 months later.


In all, 151 restorations were followed up in the audit of which 131 were successful at 3 months. The remaining 20 restorations failed due to pulp complications (11), failure of the composite (5) or intolerance to the high restoration (4). Of the 131, patients described transient problems with chewing (94), composite breakage (13), TMD (1), phonetics (1), increased mobility (1) and tender to chewing (1).


This is a successful non-invasive method of managing CTS in the short term for patients willing to accept transient effects.