Internet Access Plan- PACE?

I was listening to a Podcast the other day and there was a discussion about Internet access. Now for me, Internet access is something I take for granted except when I don't have it. Recent examples are after Hurricane Sandy I lost both my house and office Internet service along with my primary cell phone service and data. At this point in time data is more important to me then telephone service. So what is PACE in regards to Internet Access.  Pace stands for






So it got me to thinking, what is my PACE?

For me it is my primary Internet Providers

At Home:
P- Cablevison
A- iPad mini Hot Spot (Verizon) 4G
C- iPhone as a  Hot Spot  (Sprint) 3G
E- Activate old iPhone as a Hot Spot (AT&T) 3G

During the hurricane I did not have this protocol thought out. I lost my primary Internet and Sprint service disappeared across my entire county. So I was roaming on Verizon but frequently drove to places to try and get access.

At my Office
P- Comcast
A- Verizon DSL
C- iPad mini as a hot spot (Verizon) 4G
E- iPhone as a  Hot Spot  (Sprint) 3G

So think about your Internet access plan in the event of an emergency or service disruption.

What's Your PACE ?


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